Writing Poetry Under Overheads in the Free-zing Cold…


Yesterday I drafted a poem; and I changed the title of two short plays. I’m in route to beginning my first class action suit against the Fuch’s who refuse to stop stalking me, following me in person showing me weapons and spearing me painfully with applicable cyberstalking distributors still. I have one at Terminal 15 who keeps calling me the “C” word and I have to tell the Librarian. A Nationally Registered Sex Offender Calvin Fuch-Craig, with a fake Landscape Business under Calvin Craig, he recently personated/impersonated a Securitas security guard bout an hour ago and took part in all of my illegal arrests. He is a escapee from California Men’s Colony in Morro Bay. He claims to be my biological uncle and isn’t per Federal and above. Wow!

Anyhow in route to Social Security to get my name last name updated in which Federal and above says, as a Federal Permanent, I don’t need to do the changing as they have already begun and completed the process for my last name change to Shakespeare, but I keep getting harassed by Fuchs and other guilty Federal Permanents who didn’t speak up about the homicides they know about, including my real biological family members; so to see who is a real Federal Permanent and not, in that I don’t have to keep getting harassed as I arrive in Los Angeles, etc. for my creative work: screenplays, plays etc., and business work, et al,  they are protected by restraining orders I have on the guilty. Many of us in the upcoming Class Action Lawsuit, those Federal Permanent and not Federal Permanent, are looking forward to the end of this illegal surveillance removal, which Justice Trena H. Burger Plavan from the William Ridgeway Family Courthouse Federally declared ended 12/27/2017–and it’s Feburary 13, 2018.

Back to the writing: I basically need to type now–find a long-winded typewriter for my novel proposal and also for my plays. I’ve changed character names for my novel due to the guilty’s plagiarism and threatening to start selling my ideas still trying to ruin my career also with more threats of illegal arrests if I also don’t attend the baby kidnapping of myself from Northern Hospital by the Fuch’s in which they sought $200,000.00, moving specifically to Sac/kramento to live for fifty years.  Get this: A former English Professor of mine from ENMU created a phony business card using the character name “Engle,” to work at the former CSU, Sacramento Women’s Center when she got fired from Texas Women’s University.” She happened to be the Chair of my Master’s thesis. She also created a fake rejection referral for an MFA Fiction department application I sent to a university in San Francisco, CA applying to its Fiction program. Oh…another fake cousin ploy is alias Josh Fuch-Woliver who illegally searched and seized me as a cop-prop Paladin/Paladyne security guard from the former Sunset Summit last night in Sacramento copying my passport and the numbers 9040220, the fake number to the ninth illegal arrest per Federal.

I’m signing off now to draft more poetry where I can find peace to write it–it’s probably going to be in the freezing cold; but I guess it’s better than not being able to make progress on it.

Thank you for you support.  🙂   I hope to be in Los Angeles soon. 🙂

Brenda Shakespeare




Happy New Year!


I’ve asked for some dictionary translations for Apache and African American languages. I’m planning on opening a theatre, and I’m in the process of providing a name for it, since the former “Hollywood,” CA has been renamed Shakespeare, CA. I’m also in the process of getting a copy of all my postings–probably a couple of copies–since I use my blog information as a spring board for my creative projects. I hope you all are having a wonderful new start this New Year’s. It looks like the city name Sacramento will be changed a bit and a future sculpture is planned in the former Roosevelt Park off of P Street due to finding out Japanese citizens were the first to arrive in Sacramento; so I’m looking into translations for the letter “k,” etc. Happy New Year everyone! I’ve checked Amtrak; and Federal’s got a one way now to Los Angeles while working on the Metro. Can you believe I’m still searching for a Torah? Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

P.S. Federal and I have a new additional start on the New Year I’ve requested in Defense, Montana–not a military base, but a defense strategy building. I’ve named the town.

P.S.S. This message was written on the 29th of January; however, per the Feds the Fuch’s changed it to the 30th much like  the 11/14/15-11/15/15 date posting before my forth illegal arrest. Get this: I suffered a ninth illegal arrest with M. Santionis/Jasmine “Skippy” Wilkens/Fuch/No-namesake Mary Margaret Bowen, fake badge 597, at the Old Sacramento Jail with  a fake court date for 3/26/18 (Justice O’Connor’s birthday) in the former Bill Santucci Courthouse by also Federal aereal protective tracking surveillance and the court said I don’t have to attend. Oh…and the fake 555 Sequoia Sacramento, CA office didn’t give me back the $1.50 it owes me; but I got my bags back still rifled through. I was released before 5:00pm on the same day, 1/13/18, taken violently to cell 19 having to  share one with fake badge 597 who impersonated as incestual sister–and she was never related to me, to falsely accuse me of incestual charges etc., due to my simply asking for  my illegal arrest photographs, all photographs of my illegal arrests for court purposes, and, of course, for some creative purposes: The Route. Today, by Patricia Imel Fuch, I was told to leave the bus for no reason. Jasmine Fuch also known as Lauren Kirk Coelho is not related to either William David Fuch or Patricia Imel Fuch. Check out the former Daily Democrat for an article written on Coelho’s genicidal history and the fake funeral announcement of Patricia Anne Imel Fuch’s with Stodghill Funeral Home 500 Park Street, Fort Branch, Indiana  47648 provided by the same fake funeral home found on the Internet, one of the Fuch’s Ku Klux Klan locations.

at 48 Street. near the former Corti Brothers where the Fuchs frequented and still do with  fake Chief of Police Walter Borge wanted also in the Tate/LaBianca homicides also last seen abusing a small dog on the former light rail. Note, too, my blog has been tied to the Fuch’s use of Federal’s copier in here and so have many other blogs.

–Brenda Shakespeare

Happy Hanukkah!


Hi Everyone!


An apology for the lateness. Federal’s got me waiting on more Federal protective equipment; so guess what… I’m still in Sacramento. Shortly, soon, however, I’ll be thumbing for a ride–should the wait continue persisting.

Any how, I made some more progress on my novel. The University of New Mexico Press is now interested in Leaf’s Esparto, which I reverted back to; also I wrote a new poem about people not selling me, at a discount, as promised Lorainne Hansberry’s A Raison in the Sun for $1.99. Federal updated me: I’m sixty-four percent Apache Indian, ten percent Chinese, and twenty-six percent African American.

I ‘ve also created two more screenplay synopses:  Tap Dancer and Reciprocity. I’ve also updated the title for The Mankiller Watershed now entitled Sacred Art, Sacred Grasslands.

Screenplay 13:  (The Tap Dancer)  The 1950s finds a young, Japanese-African American girl interested in tap dancing encouraged by her father–which leads to a professional tap dancing career. The neighborhood they live in sub-textually includes Russian/European/U.S. writers and playwrights, a time, too, since 1935, when the Federal Writers Project is in progress.

Screenplay 14: (Reciprocity) Six people, three women and three men, from entirely different backgrounds, ages twenty-three to seventy-eight, find themselves beating the IRS odds, above its subtle, arbitrary motive–numbers’ and letters’ game to realistically live life the way they’ve always wanted too, challenging themselves given employed verbal and/or written appeals processes (i.e., courts), or payments, or having earned no money individually or collectively.

I will be updating more the revised synopses on my screenplay for Sacred Art, Sacred Grasslands soon.

–Brenda Shakespeare

P.S. Please note: Any type set switching is of criminal at-large Patricia Imel-Fuch on Teminal 2 of the former William McKinley Library where I’m typing this at with related Fuchs and co-horts wanted at-large still following me extensively in person; they are also wanted for assasinating President McKinley and for killing innocent Shakespeare’s and innocent people and innocent people of the land, per Federal. Thank you, everyone, for your patience.




Update 2:


It’s looking like a title change for the novel, working on a few new supportive characters and metaphorical grass/grasslands. I’ve also been working on my screenplays–ready to draft my first screenplay The Litigant. I have more screenplay format instructions.  A short note to say hi to those following my blog. I’m trying to make my way to Los Angeles on limited funds.  Workin’ it.  🙂

Update: 1


Now it’s time to make copies of all my entries, my notes for my creative work, et al. I’ve noticed post entries have been duplicated, meaning text-typed copied; and the stalking-in-person is something else. Charles Manson’s name has been released, also finally through this illegal surveillance removal a few days ago by Federal. En route to taking copies of all my blog post entries. I’ll be in touch soon.

–Brenda Shakespeare

Grain-grass variables…


Grain. Recipes. Millet…

Researching for my character bios, and I found this recipe. Thought I would share it:

1/2 cup millet

2 cups water

1/2 tsp. salt


Congruent is millet’s highly variable small-seeded grass, a cereal crop/grain for “fodder and human food” predominately found in Asia and Africa with a ninety-seven percent millet-productive semi-arid contrive.

The Litigant (con’t)


Delay. Reason. Another illegal arrest/detainment. Seven Days. Guess what seven days worth = 6+1, 8-1, et al, and Federal lets me know I’m two percent Chinese and two percent Japanese. So the adjustment is three percent African American and seven percent Spanish. Corrections on blog are to come. Thank you readers for your patience.

In the meantime, while in one of Hitler’s former cells, “B-2,” at the former Woodland-Monroe, now Miller Kelly, CA 95695, where he carved out the Nazi symbol, he was granted a weapon in the cell, a few days prior to I get told by Federal my namesake is Shakespeare; thus my my name is–and I’m looking to update my name on this blog, Brenda-Shakespeare. And kinship/namesake is Bowen from Bowen, Jerusalem.

Federal advised me to use Brenda Denise Shakespeare as my real name because it is, hence Brenda Shakespeare. I’m to pick up my navy blue, tangerine striped backpack with my tax returns in it for 2016 ready to be copied and sent, court documents, all the creative writing in it tomorrow at 9:45am with Susan Stewert, et al. I had just organized everything in the backpack and a tote bag from ex-Walmart with all its contents in it. I’m hoping my car keys are with my belongings and a coin purse with seventeen dollars, change, two ex-Yolobus tickets and everything else in it. Federal says, “60E/Shelley E/Denis/Dennis Niemeyer who created the name and prosthetic for Charles Mason is typing away at exactly what I’m writing. Niemeyer is also known as Viggo Mortensen–sharing decodes with . . . a last known address for him and he’s Tier 2 in orchestrating with all guilty inclusive ex-Gov. Brown who is his cousin thinks he’s Hitler, Pontius Pilot, Stalin, Napoleon and everything else under the sun; 60B is at work trying to detect and repeats everything I’m saying and writing–workin’ it as decode Anthony Paul Onate. Get this: the “Dynamic Duo” Niemeyer and Mithen-Bowen Jr. also known as Bill Foster, Mendy Bates, Wendy York, Anthony Paul Onate. is William David Bowen, Jr/William David Mithen Bowen Jr. William David Mithen Jr.William David Bowen Jr. Patricia “Imel” Cowen, Bowen, and Mary Bowen, Carr are not my biological family Federal tells me. Wow! Niemeyer was a former family friend. Out of cell B-2 with another fake court date set for August 21, 2017. Listen to this, Federal starts announcing the license plate numbers on these cop-props/cops in front of them just as I get ready for the release this morning. Wow!

So illegally detained for the eighth time, symbolic of Menorah, per Federal, I worked on scene and character ideas for The Litigant. I came up with a character connection for strategic defense operations–a female and, of course, thinking more about the court situation planned integration. I’ve got something going for the male sports player, and I need to think of how I want to configure the broadcasting. Workin’ it as best I can under this weird illegal surveillance removal from Federal. Sure hope it’s removed soon.

P.S. There’s a long line of Shakespeare relatives, and the namesake comes from Mary Wollstonecraft’s mother. Jesus Christ is Mary Wollstonecraft’s son–Jesus Christ who is William Shakespeare. Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, is also Mary Shelley-Shakespeare, Jesus’s sister–and both are my cousins as is Mary Wollstonecraft.