More research for The Route…


Some more research for The Route. The release this moment from a seventh illegal arrest with a phony court date 7/3/17. Said, “All charges dropped” by a fake Officer Oliver. I made payment on the M/C credit card for my blog with the credit card from Ex-Woodland-Munroe that planned to leave me with no cash, which it did–so I have to find a place now and buy something in order to get the $21.00 converted back to cash.  The Illegal arrest conducted by the Manson-Cowen guilty group et al. At a bus stop. At 4:30am 5/20/17. I accidently dozed. Again, “she’s Jewish and knows too much and is too talented.” Now doesn’t that make sense? No. There was no officer’s name on paper work but a pin labeled “Hemsley” I caught sight of while he illegally booked me with fingerprint booking equipment in a Federal court-purchased property with false personations/impersonations.

Any how, with the office most likely closed at the 1000 Lincoln St., in the former Woodland, CA 95695, now the city renamed Miller-Kelly, I have my black purse with all contents, my navy blue, and orange backpack with all my creative writing notes, ideas, court documents, IRS tax returns and transcripts–2013,2014,2015,2016 additionally, etc. in the pack, and my $5.97 Walmart shopping bag with all it’s contents. These cop-props just want to be able to rummage through and steal information in my bag, and still leave me stranded; in fact, units 823 and 781 and more keep harassing me driving by every block and intersection I walk and every bus stop I go to. Can you imagine after two officers/ex-officers (props) told me or you the bus stops are fine to wait at–even late at night and over night?

Blog is paid for another year, so this helps. Thank goodness President Trump is aboard helping with the removal of my and other’s illegal surveillance and his own illegal surveillance by this same group of criminals who don’t want to stop torturing innocent people. Still aboard is inquiring and researching law enforcement, some of its history, reasoning, adaptability, probing more into illegal arrests, treatment, behavior, motivation, stalking, harassing, Federal law enforcement governance versus the former City-pseudo State governance; it will be interesting also learning and looking at additional angles in telling the story–the configuration of illegal arrests, the bizarreness of them, and retribution in the story. I’m really not that interested in working the screenplay with electronics/false personations/impersonations.

Another song written…


Sorry to have been away. I became violently ill by the guilty group’s black cyberstalkive specs all in foods, airborne, you name it. Get this too. They did this to me on Holocaust week. How convenient to vomit and vomit at bus stops.

Music. I sure miss it. I might be looking, too, for a piano teacher–as I may be able to learn it on my own; but a teacher would be nice. A real one. I’d like a teacher that can explain what “rests” are, etc. I’ve had about three phony piano teachers from churches–can you believe trying to work their way through explaining what “rests” are. I’ve also asked for help at a music shop up the road. No go. But for the guilty-group. Yep. Still out in the wind here with Federal cleaning up this illegal surveillance Federally declared April 28, 2015. Yahoo! Real swell. Any ways, trying to coordinate soon a trip to The Pentagon to see about all my belongings and vehicle stolen and my two cats. Ridiculous. It looks like it’s going to take the trip to get some where back into my life–none of this any fault of my own; and Federal’s protective equipment is making me just as nauseous. Are you ready for this. Federal tells me I’m the last decendent of Jesus Christ’s William Shakespeare-Sawyer, since the guilty, family included, kept my heritage from me. Guess what my real name is? Brenda Denise Bowen-Shakespeare. My middle name coming from Jesus’s mother: Mary Denise Shakespeare-Sawyer. I’ve got my form to update the change because, too, my decendents, with Federal aereal protective surveillance equipment would like for me to apply it. I am a cousin to my decendents.

A good thing is Federal tells me my poetry chapbook, Riverwalker has found a publisher.

Now…back to music and songwriting. I’ve draft-written a song and I’m still looking for a good beginner’s piano book.

Thank you to those following my blog for your patience. I’m still waiting for my housing having to sleep at bus stops and eat at churches, fine the churches but they’re illegally trespassed with infested cop props and the guilty that got busted last night for a gang-bang party setting off alarms at ex-Lawson Realty–three cop props of them beginning with #803.

My blog payment is due next month; and the guilty are doing anything to thwart a loan I need and my $619.00 due me from Federal County up the road at 25 Cottonwood now in Miller-Kelly, CA, the former Woodland, CA with twenty-four bus tickets from the past two months. An American Express credit card is suppose to be at a Federal mail slot for me at 1321 North C St., Sacramento, CA. I have to figure out a way to get there to get it, hopefully no thwarts.

Here’s a few danger-zone license plates for public consumption: 7XHS425/fake Rev. , 7848265/fake gardner, 7NYF243 classmate of the core guilty-group continuously blocking my every move with everything I do.

My  vehicle is still not back yet from Federal with all of its contents.

Can’t wait to hear some real music instead of all the guilty’s dubbed.  Thank you for hanging in there with me.  🙂

Workin’ the Second Poetry Set…


Landscape. Shakespeare. Poetry.  Continuing working on my second set of poems 10-15/5-1/4 required for submission to Stanford’s Wallace Stegner Fellowship; configured themes are music, nature, art, literature, philosophy, religion, science, math, history, politics, entrepeneurship in couplets, iambic pentameter, cinquain, narrative, etc. for the chapbook’s/book’s cumulative-core.

Looking at numbers, letters–variables–say, perhaps, mathmatically and in the sciences makes me think  of Middle English, which I wasn’t too successful at; and I delayed reading Shakespeare because I didn’t think I’d figure the language out to understand the plays–embarrasingly enough; yet I had two instructors, Mr. “U” for Middle English in which I withdrew from the class. Students said he left due to a nervous breakdown. And I had the worst instructor for Shakespeare, hoping, however,  I’d have a good teacher to understand what I thought I wouldn’t be able to understand with language-letters. I don’t know. I guess she felt starting the class at 1:10pm instead of its scheduled 1:00pm time and then leaving the class ten minutes later to make copies for the class-day’s assignment was fine, since it was only a fifty minute class. She did make time, however, to talk about her Japanese husband. This was at The University of Arizona (1991-1992), Mr. “U” and Texas Tech University (1992-1994) for the Shakespeare course. Needless-to-say, I received a “B” for the Shakespeare course. Graduate school, another story. I did very well, better than I did as an undergraduate.I did, however, overall, receive a good education at Texas Tech University despite a few courses.

Twenty-five years later, I’m in ex-Woodland, now known as Miller-Kelly, CA; and I start researching for a few poetry inclusions for my second set of poems for the Wallace Stegner Fellowship, not having a chance to look over my own Shakespeare set from the course, my notes, etc. due still to this illegal surveillance being removed after finding out about it–going on four years now approaching ex-Passover, waiting for Federal and the DOD to return all of my belongings still with my illegally stolen/repossessed 2012 Nissan Versa (“white”/powder, license 6XSC778, and my two cats: Chloe and Tuxedo Bowen. Miller-Kelly in reference-relation to Ulysses S. Grant, the city, too, renamed Miller-Kelly, CA, finds me with two nutcases, Carol and Greta aka Carol-Greta Masuda-Cowen-Carr-R. Marx, showing me the back of the library (250 First Street, Miller-Kelly, CA 95695) where Shakespeare is erroneously in the non-fiction section, and then falsly accusing me of taking a table from a person who happens to be wearing a burgandy “Stanford” sweatshirt with “white” lettering who is Charles Manson impersonating Stanford alumnae, per Federal, whereby Carol-Greta Masuda tells me to leave like the Ex-Nugget due to being Jewish and finding out from The Sonnets of Shakespeare 822.33 SHA 1961 ISBN: 0-577-63750-2 with breached Federal aereal protective surveillance and the Carol-Gretas find out I’ve connected to who is  a “fair  young man of high birth,” which is Jesus Christ per Federal and Jesus Christ. Inclusive these properties are court-purchased properties of mine with Federal–not the Nazi practitioners’ properties.I haven’t returned since. Yet Federal is making it possible for me to do so. Ex-cops have been challenged to arrive, which is scary by Federal, as this Holocost guilty group refuses to stop even with their own propped ex-police vehicles, that’s “the police” that’s left, actually ex-police. I was harrassed again today by the Manson’s and Masuda, Carr, Cowen, et al, with additional illegal detainments for a faith and for not being at fault in anything. Thank you ABC for your support with the societal removal of this Holocost guilty group. My goodness it’s 2017 and this is still going on by my being tracked down and hunted by Holocost advocates and the Manson family. Between Hitler’s relatives and co-horts in a ridiculuously violent, processed patrolled Federal government, Federal government and DOD illegal surveillance removal, WOW! Thus, I find out from Federal and the Department of Defense, Shakespeare is Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ-Shakespeare. Geez…do I really have to travel to another library, the closet Esparanza Public Library. Good grief!   Onward!  :-). I’m continuing getting ready my poetry fellowship application. Wonder what will happen when I get ready to submit for the Guggenheim fellowship with more instructions from the website due this July. Oh and hey, I’ve started formating for my screenplay The Litigant. Yahoo! Workin’ it and my other creative projects. Sorry for the blog delay. 🙂

Comparative Grasslands,The Civil War, Apache Tribe (Gila River, AZ and NM, France, Italy):


Yesterday, I came across some photos on the Internet of eclectic basket making/weaving, for example a Talamanca couch–wild; it’s made from grasses, furthering wanting architecting landscape within fiction, working with vegetation as art. I grew up on an olive orchard in a very rural part of northern California, Roseville, in the early seventies; and what’s intriguing is discovering researching flavo(s) oil from oil pressed into Esparto-mats, the flavour depending on whether the mats are made from oils or dried esparto. Types of grasses, flowers, wildlife, and sage-grouse involvement help shape the story’s environment.

Everyone has history; we come from somewhere and with 100% mixed decention. For example, I’m, perhaps, close to mixed-looking Caucasion. No one’s “white” or “black.” These are simply reference colors–in other words just naming colors. I’m also not necessarily mixed Caucasian, as I’m five percent each French, Italian, Spanish, German, equaling twenty-percent, twenty-percent African American, and sixty-percent American Indian, thirty-percent Apache Tribe and thirty-percent Navajo Tribe. I happen to have been born in the United States. The Civil War’s grasslands, Apache Tribe grasslands, the history of them, not limited to the Gila River, Arizona and New Mexico, in which I also have 649 acres, inclusive the first grassland step of the Civil War and then some with Ulysses S. Grant, thus the 649 acres with Goyahkla. I plan to include Italy and France where my family is from, which can show unarbitrary/arbitaray likeness for authenticated characters whether main or secondary. The Gila River, Apache tribe, its desert grasslands, woodland scattered-oak, junipers, and pinon, high-to-low living slopes, we witness, as readers, the highs and lows of characters’s choices, shared canopy of trees, willows, black walnuts, oak, spring water, the variegated grasslands arbitrarily contributing to their indifference, their indifference distinguishing and not distinguishing preferential and preferential land, grassland–landscaping; yet, at the same time, not just depending on nature to provide whether or not characters are meaningful.

Obviously, relative to landscape in what should’ve been predestined spoken and applied before The Constitution, as we know, is people before Biblical text inclusive Jerusalem now the fifty-first State also International-United States Embassy of Jerusalem, the fifty-first State by per President Trump. Finally, Federally correctly inverted, The World, N,S,E,W. For example, California is East, New York is West.Thus, more cold-front coming into California and more frequent snowflakes, different rain-water patterns, and texture. Geography speaks volumes counter clock-wise–counter clockwise in the way it should have been B.C. Debilitating counter clock-wise and the  cover up for this: Many wars. California is East and New York is West, hence the mockery, too, of the B-Western.

Geography, environment, fact or fiction, per the Federal government, with its involvement in covering up a needed inversion, the reason: Illegal surveillancing, cyberstalking, stalking-in-person since B.C. Prior to B.C., therefore, The Civil War, WWI, the Holocost, WWII, and Vietnam and just about every war in between to avoid all this, too. And since my finding out about myself being illegally surveillanced since April 2013 Federally declared April 28, 2015, the cause, per Federal, is from Hitler descendants, family, friends, and classmate advocates of Hitler’s regime–after B.C. as Mary Immaculate and Jesus Christ are also Federal Permanents. Federal admits to this illegal surveillance being the most catastrophic due to cover up homicides with false personations/impersonations, those I’m related too, and the fact of Federal Permanent status–the fact that there are so many well-known and unknown people related to me and those who are not. Electronic tracking in the worst perpatration. The World’s Wars are camoflauge-reguge to maiming permanently, tauting/harassing/ killing people before, during, and after the wars–and this is just the wars. Hitler family-friend advocates include impeached ex-President Barac/k Obama, ex-Governor Gerald G. -Jerry-Brown, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Charles Manson–those unrelated to the above William David Bowen, Jr. Patricia Cowen/Bowen, Mary Margaret Bowen/Carr/Richardon, Jim/James Carr, et al. Patricia Cowen/Bowen is a close high school classmate of Charles Manson’s from El Camino High School in Carmichael, CA.

Through a pre-planned Civil War, though victorious, left its General and 18th President, Ulysses S. Grant, with throat cancer from Hitler’s relatives; The Civil War, again, refuge-excuse with Federal exercising abuse power capturing with Cherokee Indians from Patricia Cowen and her grandfather’s linage doing with former State/District officials and law enforcement what they did to Goyahkla–their last attempt to secure native land to call it residential/commercial land with the removal the Apache Tribe, all tribes from their native land, consequently reservations ensued as did murders with Goyahkla’s being shot in the back of the head, non-happenstance burial at Fort Sill’s Apache Cemetery. Ulysses S. Grant, Goyahkla, and myself are all related.

Close to 300 million cyberstalkers, cybersharassers, stalking-in-person removal due also to violent, applicable Teasbands by hand, cell phone, computers that travel into anything the human body, an animal’s body and/or objects with finally a massive takeover of not just Silicon Valley’s Woodside, CA property with Apple, Facebook, Telsa, and Oracle with a compound deflation worth $48,800,000.00, an the entire nation, outside the guilty also being illegally surveillanced.

Get this: the latest false personation/impersonation is Charles Manson’s creation of Ex-Justice/Judge Clarence Thomas. The constant duo-realm usually, too, with one of his sons. Anita Hill is also Charles Luther Manson. The wife of the Thomas impersonation-situation, Valentine Manson. Lacy Peterson, a fake get-up, again, with Charles Luther Manson (the mother) and Charles Manson Jr. as Scott Peterson. Baby Connor, a prop. The list goes on… I was beaten several times by Charles Luther Manson/Charlotte Baur/Pam Jensen in which my eyes are being repaired due to so much damage being hit with my glasses on in one beating, the physical attack cut my right eye in four places. So with the Holocost group, there are real murders and also fake murders to not make so obvious the obvious. Involvement is also security. The impairment ladder from Manson-enjoyment impersonating Angelica Mata, known relation to President Trump. As Charles Manson revealed to a nation, he needed to get rid of all Federal Permanents because they would destroy his empire. Elizabeth Warren is also, per Federal and DOD,et al, Charles Manson. Funny, as Federal, we saw impersonationist Hilary Clinton at the ex-Cache Creek property now a Federal Wildlife Refuge location. Jennifer Lyn Warren is also Charles Manson in Bowen vs. Warren et al, SCV0034413, a restraining order case from 2014. Holocost 1 and Holocost 2, as announced by Jeff Cavens/Charles Manson, are mockeries for the Justice System, Hollywood, politics, history, art, human dignity, and animal and wildlife advocates.

The novel, Leaf’s Esparto, can also be seen as a comparative character-driven study of landscape, geographical-grasslands, topographically applied to its own characters’personalities and characters’ own choices.

ABC is interested in a one-hour, maybe more, discussion of this with either my novel, Leaf’s Esparto, or an article written about it in which I’m told by Federal are sold.



Happy Holidays! Away a bit from my blog–and I’ll have a posting soon about my novel, etc. I’ve changed its title to Leaf’s Esparto.  This post is a brief post to say hello to those who may be following my blog; and I’ll be back up and posting very soon. Happy New Year to everyone!  🙂

B-Western and the Western…


Authentic cowboys. Land. And ranch-life typifies the B-Western formula for ratings, mostly, however, what’s applied stereotypically and romantically, whether the cowboy, land, or ranch. Some consider the valued trilogy juxtaposed mundane; yet, depending contextually the B-Western formula depends on stereotyping what’s not authentic, ethnically realistic. The story line of the cowboy may intend to be realistic, not enough of the land is, however; but ranch life equal to character-romantic lives are simply formulaic–my opinion. Westerns, B-Westerns, have been around since 1937 per Arthur McClure and Ken O. Jones in Western Films Heroes, Heavies and Sagebrush.

 What’s authentic are gun belts, hats, boots, the cowgirl/cowboy, not necessarily the clothes worn on television or in film. Though I think the B-Western, where B-Westerns seem synonymous with pop culture and with genres, both B-Westerns and pop culture, 1937, inclusive of B-Westerns, was ahead of its time. Pop culture, a credible genre itself, doesn’t fit well with B-Westerns simply because I think subject matter. Especially , too, humans and land should be replicated authentically to get the best, realistic presence television and/or film can offer.

For so long, some have complained about the authenticity of the B-Western, its formula of just idealistically romanticizing people, places, and predicaments, which doesn’t capture what the West, Midwest, and land-East is about. I think if the B-Western was replaced, a viewer/viewers would see the obvious. You want an A-Western, one that authenticates what’s already with an originally-angled story line.

Like, B-Westerns, genres compartmentalize, and they did, past-to-land, ranch-to-land, cowboy/cowgirl, cowgirl/cowboy-to-town-land-ranch. B-Westerns needed to be to be more than novelties with unrealistic emotionally romantic pervasiveness, meaning forcing something unconventional for viewer-connection, which equals ratings. A novelty can be a conversation piece. Land isn’t novel. Ranches aren’t novel. Cowgirls/cowboys-cowboys/cowgirls aren’t novel. Some of what they do is novel and how they did it is novel; so we, as audience members, aren’t just looking at “a set in frame of scenic and mimic detail which is true to reality” (12).Idealizing romanticism with or without altruistic race-culture means not  remotely conveying  what  should have been conveyed–realistic compositions of characters. Again scenes that don’t mimic  and don’t engineer what’s coined B-Western or not no matter the authentic composition means with characters, dialogue, scenes not generically romanticized, told and seen, for the sake of audience, ratings–not solely just for money.


Jewish Themes


I’m learning about Jewish foods, Hanukkah, Jewish/Yiddish, Hebrew culture while, as mentioned before, studying how to write and read music. For Jewish foods, I know I’m going to like latkes and other dishes. I can tell. Anyhow, I’ve decided in a chapter to change character heritage for a married couple in my novel with the married couple being Jewish. This gives me the opportunity to explore Jewish dynamics–being Jewish, living Jewish with two characters in my first novel. I’m developing an older couple who takes in two children who are not Jewish: two sisters.

I’m a month behind in a blog posting due to Federal and the Department of Defense continuing tracking Charles Manson/Jodie Hallowes, et al,  and the Manson followers. I had to spend time completing for the first time on IRS extension for my 2015 IRS and California Franchise Tax Board taxes that by illegality of Manson and Manson followers illegally trespassing inside Yolo County H&HS/500-A+500-B Triangle Ct./Jefferson Blvd. in the former West Sacramento, CA now the East part of Woodland, CA, the refusal of letting me copy for free copy of tax returns as every other non-Jewish person was and is able to due to  Manson and his followers being found out impersonating other descents without green cards.

Some updated news: I’m suppose to be finally getting my 2012 Nissan Versa (white) with all of its contents in it next Tuesday at the DMV located at 4700 Broadway, Sacramento, CA where another illegal arrest stopover took place at approximately 3:00am across the street with out of jurisdictive U. C. Davis prop cop vehicles in which an officer named Armond didn’t exist according to the Federal government and the Department of Defense at any U.C. Davis Sheriff/Police Department. Yolo County isn’t Sacramento County.  I’ve been called a dirt-bag Jew, a Jew-bag that there’s going to be a Holocost 2 by Charles Manson/Jeff Cavens, et al, and his supporters. Nevertheless, Federal and every Federal non-corrupt organization is aboard helping rid this illegal catastrophic surveillance placed on me and other innocent victims by Manson and his followers that offer the most awful of in person stalking attributes, cyberharassment, digital theft, and in person harassment, etc. As I type this, this dumb Manson broad–a former family member wanted in her mother’s death with her father and brother is illegally sitting beside me typing every word I write on this on the ex-County’s illegal reader moniker. Thank goodness for the death penalty and for Federal snuffing. Let’s hope the latter becomes the former. We, Federal, DOD, and myself picked up 30 million for both 500-A and 500-B locations of these County offices. You got to love it. Stupid is… well…just stupid. The same family member is the same idiot who impersonated Badge 108 and ex-cop prop fantasy CSI Lowry; she’s responsible for all of my illegal detainments as well. Fruitcakes. I tell you. Just fruitcakes of Idiotville. These Manson followers follow people until the end of this ordeal. Nuts! Sometimes I wonder about Federal, too! Scary!

Back to the novel…it’s been nice getting acquainted with other novelists who infuse Jewish themes and characters, for example Michael Chabon’s, Doris Lessing’s, Anne Frank’s, Clive Cussler’s work to name  a few. (Manson followers have dubbed a website for Cussler much like Onate/Vance did to Michael Jordon’s website per the Federal government and the Department of Defense, et al.) Yesterday at the Jewish and Baptist Church of Holy Spirit, Mary Immaculate, Jesus Christ and the Jewish Temple, 920 Drever Woodland, CA 95695, the former West Sacramento convergence into the City of Woodland where we found West Sacramento/Embezzled City by ex-Governor Brown, ex-District Supervisor Oscar Villegas and Carol Shrunk/Rick Cordes/Scott Peterson, and Charles Manson, et al, to be just that an embezzled city. Brown and Villegas are both relatives of Manson’s verified and confirmed by Congress, the Federal government, and the Department of Defense as well as the Bureau of Counter Terrorism and Office of Public Affairs, Internal Affairs, United Nations, Federal Bureau of Investigations, and the Pentagon. Found most recently, Obama, Brown, Gates are false/personations impersonations of Charles Manson, Jr., Charles Manson and additional decodes inclusive Walter Masuda/Rodney/Ex-Nugget per the Federal government, Department of Defense, President Trump, Congress, Justices/Judges Martin Luther King III, Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, et al.

Back to the novel… from names, to locations, plants, versatile domesticity, clothing, art/folklore, holiday celebrations, raising children, family conversations and entertainment are some of the chapters and probably a few integrated chapters I’m exploring in the novel. The whole point here is it takes so much time having to fight off these idiots in which I did nothing wrong but exist as a target for them as have additional Federal Permanents/Permanent Federals. Oh by the way…Onate/Vance is still lingering death threats roaming endlessly impersonating relentlessly six-to-seven foot African Americans. Folks…the dude ain’t Black; he’s Spanish/Hispanic/Italian and only about 5’9.” All I hear with these stupid people is “You’ll be dead. I’m going to kill you.” Heck…the other day, walking to the bus stop after the DMV, this Onate/Vance runs me down with a black glove and a bike in the middle of the early morning street. Thank goodness a prop vehicle came that I faked flagging down so I wouldn’t have to get run over and raped, which he continues to threatened and in “white, rape vans.” This is on the first restraining order I have against him.

I’ll be posting another blog soon that allows me to focus on my writing. Thank you blog followers for hanging in there with me–the reason for the late blog posting as many are aware. Thank you. 🙂