Workin’ the Second Poetry Set…


Landscape. Shakespeare. Poetry.  Continuing working on my second set of poems 10-15/5-1/4 required for submission to Stanford’s Wallace Stegner Fellowship; configured themes are music, nature, art, literature, philosophy, religion, science, math, history, politics, entrepeneurship in couplets, iambic pentameter, cinquain, narrative, etc. for the chapbook’s/book’s cumulative-core.

Looking at numbers, letters–variables–say, perhaps, mathmatically and in the sciences makes me think  of Middle English, which I wasn’t too successful at; and I delayed reading Shakespeare because I didn’t think I’d figure the language out to understand the plays–embarrasingly enough; yet I had two instructors, Mr. “U” for Middle English in which I withdrew from the class. Students said he left due to a nervous breakdown. And I had the worst instructor for Shakespeare, hoping, however,  I’d have a good teacher to understand what I thought I wouldn’t be able to understand with language-letters. I don’t know. I guess she felt starting the class at 1:10pm instead of its scheduled 1:00pm time and then leaving the class ten minutes later to make copies for the class-day’s assignment was fine, since it was only a fifty minute class. She did make time, however, to talk about her Japanese husband. This was at The University of Arizona (1991-1992), Mr. “U” and Texas Tech University (1992-1994) for the Shakespeare course. Needless-to-say, I received a “B” for the Shakespeare course. Graduate school, another story. I did very well, better than I did as an undergraduate.I did, however, overall, receive a good education at Texas Tech University despite a few courses.

Twenty-five years later, I’m in ex-Woodland, now known as Miller-Kelly, CA; and I start researching for a few poetry inclusions for my second set of poems for the Wallace Stegner Fellowship, not having a chance to look over my own Shakespeare set from the course, my notes, etc. due still to this illegal surveillance being removed after finding out about it–going on four years now approaching ex-Passover, waiting for Federal and the DOD to return all of my belongings still with my illegally stolen/repossessed 2012 Nissan Versa (“white”/powder, license 6XSC778, and my two cats: Chloe and Tuxedo Bowen. Miller-Kelly in reference-relation to Ulysses S. Grant, the city, too, renamed Miller-Kelly, CA, finds me with two nutcases, Carol and Greta aka Carol-Greta Masuda-Cowen-Carr-R. Marx, showing me the back of the library (250 First Street, Miller-Kelly, CA 95695) where Shakespeare is erroneously in the non-fiction section, and then falsly accusing me of taking a table from a person who happens to be wearing a burgandy “Stanford” sweatshirt with “white” lettering who is Charles Manson impersonating Stanford alumnae, per Federal, whereby Carol-Greta Masuda tells me to leave like the Ex-Nugget due to being Jewish and finding out from The Sonnets of Shakespeare 822.33 SHA 1961 ISBN: 0-577-63750-2 with breached Federal aereal protective surveillance and the Carol-Gretas find out I’ve connected to who is  a “fair  young man of high birth,” which is Jesus Christ per Federal and Jesus Christ. Inclusive these properties are court-purchased properties of mine with Federal–not the Nazi practitioners’ properties.I haven’t returned since. Yet Federal is making it possible for me to do so. Ex-cops have been challenged to arrive, which is scary by Federal, as this Holocost guilty group refuses to stop even with their own propped ex-police vehicles, that’s “the police” that’s left, actually ex-police. I was harrassed again today by the Manson’s and Masuda, Carr, Cowen, et al, with additional illegal detainments for a faith and for not being at fault in anything. Thank you ABC for your support with the societal removal of this Holocost guilty group. My goodness it’s 2017 and this is still going on by my being tracked down and hunted by Holocost advocates and the Manson family. Between Hitler’s relatives and co-horts in a ridiculuously violent, processed patrolled Federal government, Federal government and DOD illegal surveillance removal, WOW! Thus, I find out from Federal and the Department of Defense, Shakespeare is Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ-Shakespeare. Geez…do I really have to travel to another library, the closet Esparanza Public Library. Good grief!   Onward!  :-). I’m continuing getting ready my poetry fellowship application. Wonder what will happen when I get ready to submit for the Guggenheim fellowship with more instructions from the website due this July. Oh and hey, I’ve started formating for my screenplay The Litigant. Yahoo! Workin’ it and my other creative projects. Sorry for the blog delay. 🙂


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