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Fe’dernik explores journalism, genre-writing, a want and love of writing professionally for newspapers, novels, personal narrative, and short stories based on the adult life of Annelies Marie Frank after 1945, adulthood also defined by researching ambitioned life inclusive of German, Jewish/Yiddish heritage, the exercising of Dutch culture and encompassing scholastics.  This culmination offers a look at writing as needed communication, multiple genre fluency synthesized capturing Frank’s desire to be a famous writer.

Jewish/Yissish/Hebrew philosophy, advocacy, teachings, historic proceedings, concurrence, and that superceding is the value of communicative literacy merit and the understanding of exemplified genres, those aformentioned caliber. A story of a German-Jewish girl and woman finding a multi-genre level writing career, one focused with adamacy of choosing an alternative to conventional family life where creative work could be comparatively satisfying should a person choose. Dutch, German, Jewish historics, education, aesthetics, and Jewish religion configure subtle inclusion of the Holocost/Hitler invasion in which the story allows focuses on Frank’s authentic desire to write  for a living on a professional basis–also on a need to write for personal enrichment beyond publication. This screenplay is inspired by my learning that I’m of rooted Jewish decent from the paternal side of my family–myself ninety-six percent Jewish; and I am also the second cousin of Annelies Frank/Anne Frank.

I have a film production company, Bowen Productions, that’s scheduled to open March 2018 located at 1425 C Street Sacramento, CA 95814, the zip code formerly 95811.