Screenplay Synopses Continued:


Federal’s interest continued:


‘For a moment, we were all Flamencos–all differences forgotten, prejudices.’ –D.E. Pohren

L’Opposistion is derived from a full-length play, La Controversaria del Arte, contributing intrinsically to Flamencos’ historical and current way of gypsy life through dance and song (i.e., juerga, poetic verse, cante/cantes). With their own populace, however, Flamencos were scorned and rejected. Inriguing is the cante, Baile, and Toque–the geneaology of Cante.
Cantes derived from religious songs and chants of varied origin and folklore. The “juerga” (private juergas),for example, according to D.E. Pohren, is a gypsy-woman and her child enjoying their own juerga while her child snaps his/her fingers. The juerga can be seen as a developing fiesta. Juerga grew Tubernas into nightlife and taverns including not just the gypsies but factory workers–thus the juerga expanded community that of bankers and lawyers who infultrated gypsys-night life forms and palos, each having a unique complimentary combination of rhythm, human poise, and lyrics. Yet with the “toque de palmas,” clapping of the hands, Flamenco dancing was just this –no music included.

The screenplay works with historics and contemporary complimentary forms of Flamenco where Michael Hauser is interested as music coordinator of the film; and Gloria Estefan is interested as choreographer. Configured in the screenplay is the Spanish government, the the historics of the Cuban Revolution and Spanish American War–and the fact Congress stepped into release Cuba from Spain without annexing is also inspirationally contributive to Gloria Estefan’s receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom with a heritage of Cuban-Spanish origin, and her interest as a choreographer for the film. Inclusive is historic and symbolic clothing, architected,too, by the Flamenco body/dance/gesture movements that help accentuate themes and subtext of Flamenco dance and what the story is about, which is breaking out of a war-influenced social and economic level into art-recovery. War-art is dealt by families and people as precedence is historic. Political unrest vs. “rarebreed” (Flamenco dancers) danced in danger of extinction. A helpful book about the history of Flamenco is D.E. Pohrens The Art of Flamenco from the society of Spanish Studies Pinca Espartero, Moran Frontera (Sevilla) Spain.


Professional motocross racing challenges distinctive barren and un-barren land individually and collectively (e.g., teammates) for money stakes. A journey-filled landscape that takes viewers through rare outdoor steep-cascade, smooth/flat, sloped, and draped/difficult-to-see dirt trails, mountain cross training, professional performance, and survival level competitions. Ubiquitious seasonal races, themed family dynamic configured, reputably the sport is also shown in the life of a successful motocross racer who overcomes unthinkable odds prior to retiring from the sport as a motocross cartoonist.


Screenplay Synopses Continued:


Federal’s interest continued:


Diversely introspective, Riverwalker, encouraged by the Federal government and Department of Defense, is based on a published chapbook that includes poetic and watershed snapshots as changeable as a river. The chapbook’s themes are life, land, home, loss, and nature. Specific poems, however, subtextually, symbolize “the river.” Overall, the chapbook is based on life lived individually in the Southwest: Arizona and New Mexico, Central Texas, and northern California. The screenplay’s core theme, “the land and its spouse,” synthesizes language of trees, land, mountains, and river traced and performed through the main character. Supportive poems are “Olive Ranch on Barton Rd.,” “Livestock in the Painted Canyon,”Fairytale,” “May 29th South-Fork of the American River,” and “On Dragonfly Wings.”

The Piano Player

The Piano Player focuses on a local, professional piano player, inspiration based on my being inspired wanting to learn playing piano and writing and reading music. Perhaps, some configuration, only in terms of what locality meant, from subjective to objective, those local and professional enjoying being local and professional. I’m also wanting to write and maybe contribute a small part to the film–playing a song I have written on piano. Included is Big Band and its inspiration for piano players–how it contributed and influenced local piano players. At the root, however, is the joy of local piano playing, a piano player’s enjoyment playing piano professionally, locally.

The Mankiller Watershed
(Federal has let me know that Gerald (Jerry) G. Brown also known as Edmund is a false derivation from a fake death of Timothy McVeigh, Charles Manson, Patricia Imel Fuchs, inclusions William David Mithen, Jr, Jasmine Wilkins, et al–the first three interchanging constantly with a paid decode to false personate/impersoante an actual California governor named Gerald G. (Jerry) Brown. )

My two screenplays The Mankiller Watershed and Paper Sons and Daughters-Pearl Zhonghshan will be adjusted.)

Inspired by ex-Governor Gerald G. (Jerry) Brown’s illegal and criminal incongruancies meriting accountability, and my own American Indian heritage–likewise the use of “Winneman Wintu Chief Leads Rally and March Against Mount Shasta Crystal Geyser Plant,” in Homeward: Street Journal, Volume 19, No. 6, Nov./Dec. 2015, Chief and Spiritual Leader Caleen Sisk of the Winneman Tribe discusses inclusive damage provoked by Brown’s wrongdoing toward water environmental activities effecting and affecting the Tribe’s civil, sacred human right for a non-trespassed, non-tampered with “Mount Shasta (where the Sacramento and McCloud and other rivers  come from) [that] is sacred . . . and the plan to raise the Shasta Dam and build Brown’s Delta Tunnel’s” (2). Also discussed is a person’s human right for non-chloride water with the rejected plans of Crystal Geyser Federally, to process chloride-filled, plastic water bottling. Currently,too, is the discussion, Federally, replacing plastic bottles from the article, thus Chief Sisk: “The plastic pollution is choking our oceans, our land fills, our rivers.” Inspiration is also based on Chief Mankiller’s  support expanding the Cherokee Nation from 55,000 to 165,000 native tribe-women and tribemen. Additional updates of this to follow in researching Tahlequeh County and Adair County Oklahoma.

Brown’s want for puncturing sacridity, illegally juxtaposing blending watershed, the Sacramento River with McCloud and other rivers,” supercedes unconstitutional abuse of power–since he has no rule-authority, ruling authority or insight-privilege discussing Federal ability to help keep and maintain sacridity or any other seemingly political, governmental intrusion due to a “Civil Bench Warrant” placed on him by myself and Justice/Judge Sandra Day O’Connor for severe misconduct of city, county (former State),and Federal funds, illegal search and seizures, support of illegal arrests, illegal staffing, illegal intrusion of privacy ranging from private citizens and Federal people in their homes, workplace, commercial businesses–and his own former staff. Brown will be imprisoned for life. A good thing, though, too, however, is he had to sign the minimum wage increase to $15.00 that I recommended to the Federal government, as interium start for employment. Brown’s imprisonment for varigated crimes, inclusive warrantful embezzlement, led to the closure of EDD and its appeal board, CUIAB, with the State of California, which is being replaced by another Federal social service assistance program. The Thirteenth Federal Circuit Supreme Court and Court of Appeals approved the Writ of Mandate I’ve written in which Brown owes me, personally, $760,000.00+. I also helped assist the opening of the Thirteenth Federal Circuit Supreme Court and Court of Appeals with its location extensions in Massachusetts, Arizona, California, and Washington State.

Being the grand-niece of Military Apache Leader, Goyahkla from the paternal side of my family and American Indian heritage of Arkansas-Missouri from the maternal side of my family with a late grandmother having been born on a reservation in Peru, Oklahoma, and my own interest-respect for water offers an important project in which sacred tribal water(s) should never be tampered with or considered being tampered with. The screenplay is a factually based account of this synopsis-narrative of human dignity, and the political upheaval of wrong done right to a native people.