Screenplay Synopses Continued:


Federal’s interest continued:

Symposium  looks into the middle age/ancient court system and the various courts within it. The court system can appear an invisible border when additionally involved politically, philosophically,theologically, and romantically–romantically in terms of courtships/relationships. Predominately configured and heavily influenced, the middle ages/ancient times included the Humanities–a considerable portion of the screenplay; for example, inclusion of gifted Mary Wollstonecraft and additional artists prior to the 1700s.

Slackwater Clowes and the RiverLock Cherry Run 

Canal locks and lockstations support thriving canal communities in Four Locks, Maryland and Canada. Four Locks, Maryland’s lock keeper’s shelter was built in 1880 and is still on site today. Sustainable today is Lock 50. The root cellar and the far side of the canal was built in 1900. The Canadian Slackwater navigated system is known by civil engineer Samuel Clowes’s 19th century journey surveys that include  the Rideau Canal survey, a successful lock proposal  for and with The Board of Ordinance. The Board of Ordinance approval, historically and contemporarily, extended watercraft to accumulate commercial and steamboat accessibility. The Rideau Canal’s forty-year survey project inspired additional lockstations– Merrickville Lockstation and Nicholas/Nicholous Lockstation. I may consider instead working with inspiration details from Kingston Mills Locks 46-49 also involved in the Rideau Lockstations and the Slackwater system. As a Federal Permament, I don’t have to change anything; and I had no idea Mr. Cetera was a relative of Mr. Clowes until Federal let me later know. So here’s the possible change up: I’ll keep my story idea but change up the surveyor, play with the title a bit and see what happens–seeing how much other surveyors had/have invested in the Slackwater system while keeping, too, within the title “…the RiverLock Cherry Run.”


The idea for “lock keepers” or “Lock Tender,” or “lock operator” was converted from brainstorming researching basements–basement(s) used for another project. Canal locks and water-boat architecture operations are influentially based on a young, female character named Arlina from a short play I wrote called SyStims, which involves a young girl who befriends her father’s boat/ship books and finds fascinating the Chicago River near where she lives.  Adaptively configured is the  7.2  mile separate “meandering stream” of Cherry Run that the Northwestern section of Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania connects with Cherry Run, the watershed for the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay. Architecture, community, family, and water provide the social understanding for life–life among and around the lockstations and canals. 


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