Synopses for Screenplays…


I’m providing synopses for twelve of my screenplays that have Federal’s interest.


The Litigant

A crime writer and a news broadcaster stumble on a judicial crime dealing with a sports player–the judicial crime, the FDA’s involvement with peanut farms and outlying farms that grow rapeseed and cottonseed containing petroleum and textile representation hazardous materials.

The Arcineaux Defense

Domestic and European defense strategies, military and administration, provide  a historical and contemporary account that leads to who created The Arcineaux Defense and why. A culmination of strategic and tactical files inclusive of cartography, weaponry, and architecture of military forces, the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard chronicle this screenplay.

The Route

Criminality law enforcement, a synthesis of impersonations, illegal arrests, illegal searches and seizures, provide a nationwide account of shock-unaccountability to that of being held accountable in this historic, unprecedented screenplay, warranting one of the most heinous societal and publicly unconstitutional performances of law enforcement and ex-law enforcement demanding the end of city, county, and State law enforcement to strictly Federal governing law enforcement supported congressionally .

Paper Sons and Daughters-Pearl Zhongshan

The 1987 publication, Bitter Melon: Inside America’s Last Rural Town, by Jeff Gillenkirk and James Motlow, one of the inspirations for this screenplay–along with my being a native  Sacramentan and familiar with the San Joaquin and Delta– portraits the controversy, advocacy, and politicking of the San Joaquin Valley and Delta agricultural  sharecropping and tenancy farm framework with the Zhongshan Chinese generation, its sons and daughters, some still residing in Locke, California founded by Chan Tin San in 1912 and inaugurated by the Chinese.

Also of portrait is China and California Legislature’s historical handling of the agricultural migrancy of a story both responsible for failure representative of foreign tax and the incompletion of railroad/train transportation from California to Mexico/Canada to Mexico with already documented workers. May 1, 2016 marks California Legislator’s and China’s having to equally repay the $300,000,000.00  repairability of their responsibility, a beginning point for the damage and deniability, deniability carried over from China’s and California Legislature’s wrongful misconduct and on purpose non-accountability of what’s also provided in Gillenkirk and Motlow’s book, the series deniability of Chinese, Indians, African Americans/Negros from testifying in court either for or against Whites along with Mongolians, Indians, African Americans/Negros barred from California public schools (The California Legislature), the Chinese barred from owning real estate or securing business licenses (The California Legislature) and excluded from employment with corporations and (former State) county, municipal, or public works projects, (The California Legislature).




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