Playing Cards…


I began again a full length play called The Card Room, which may look like more than enough characters, but I’m going to try something–twelve characters. Good news, too, is there’s interest in characters roles from actor/director Kevin Costner and actor Martin Sheen. I’m looking at setting up three tables of four players.In this play, I work with multiple decent and age, ages range from twenty-two years old to eighty years old, the fluctuation of personalities is a wonderful challenge.  I’m still needing to, however, sharpen rhythm as to why these distinct personalities  motivate the same card game routinely. For the first time with the subject, I’m letting youth, well, the character’s twenty-two, deal with an alternative truth. Multiple themes obviously in this play, one is religion. I’ve started dialogue with the characters but haven’t yet established how I want to work with the Catholic Father at the tables. His age has changed to thirty-five. Age isn’t the issue, although what I like is the range from just about each decade with these characters from their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties-seventies, to eighties.


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