Film Talks Poetry from Riverwalker…


Encouraged by the Department of Defense and the Federal government, my first poetry chapbook, Riverwalker, has gained interest from actor/Director Kevin Costner. Interestingly enough, the DOD and FG found my eight chapbooks I had prior to their declaration verification in terms of who stole the chapbooks prior to the illegal eviction. The good thing is I have a copy of the poems in preparation of submission on flash drive, yet still the warrancy of published copies are needed–not however drafting the screenplay, per se, as it would be nice the returning of them; but I can work up the screenplay draft as the DOD and FG collect them to return them to me, etc.   As such, I’m looking at additional resources that have to do with land and trees, finding purposeful books on wood, inherent river construction, building products, and wood/stone house framework. I’ve put a few calls into tree services to consider types of trees, processes, history/origination, livelihood, demographics, and environment. I’ve also considered constructive roofing opportunities, places of time value and historical significance though local businesses and obviously wherever need be. A theme close to home and the chapbook inclusive of a few poems is the land and its spouse inspired from attending a church service at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in downtown Sacramento–escaping me is the person who was also inspired by it.  I plan to configure poetry from the chapbook, this theme, and, of course, the director’s ideas with obviously the story. Mr. Costner plans on working with mountains engaged.

I was pretty stunned, this being my first chapbook and I’m thrilled for the interest and the involvement of the FG and DOD finding also to return the chapbooks, as they say a new/additional publisher is picking up the chapbook due to a former editor being involved in criminally taking credible interested links down from additional publishers’ interests, her being caught out of what the DOD and FG calls, “jealousy,” as she’s also involved in doing this with another poet-writer friend, Jessie Carty.

In it’s infancy, now, and needing my housing desperately, as another appointment ensues this coming Tuesday at 10:00am after this President’s Day holiday weekend, it would be nice to be able to fully work on my creative projects and to be able to apply for employment interests and offers awaiting me inclusive of also completing my second poetry collection/chapbook in which I have some poems saved on my flash drive though the folder of all my second poetry collection is in my stolen vehicle. Speaking of stolen vehicles, and hers not being returned as well yet by the DOD and FG is Justice/Judge Sandra Day O’Connor’s in a timed cyberstalking-illegal surveillance towing. Speaking of Justice/Judge O’Connor, she’s invited me to discuss poetry, my poetry chapbook, her book, Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court configuring the discussion into American history, and history, which I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to all discussions–and my projects!  🙂



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