Petroleum, Peanut Butter…the FFTDA/FDA


Building on research for The Litigant, I’ve come across a geology book from French translation by Albert V. Carozzi and Marguerite Carozzi, A History of Geology that configures mountains and fossils; obviously there is more to geology than studying rocks. Rocks and minerals, the travel to investigate research-wise is always intriguing–what a geologist may intend to find, the surprises unseen, and the awaiting lab work when he/she returns to study even more the history behind the discoveries. I’ve taken an interest in the fossil/mountain sections of the book wanting to read more about this and figuring an intrinsic way of including meaningful at-work, tone-criminality reasoning, that means figuring out the type of textile I’d like to work into the petroleum/geology discovery that included the crime. As such, the first petroleum book I’m reading/researching is called The American Petroleum Industry 1899-1959, The Age of Energy by Harold F. Williamson, Ralph L. Andreano, Arnold R. Daum, and Gilbert C. Klose. This book provides some effective chart-making, drawings, figures, maps, and tables–illustrations effective with historical pictures courtesy plethora universal,  Oil and Gas Journal   etc. Petroleum transition refineries, industrial and commercial usage, product demand, domestic channeling, marketing–a spearheading reason, perhaps, and not perhaps, for what’s contagious with “rapeseed.”

This screenplay depicts a true story in the sense of an ingredient being in a product for years that shouldn’t have been, motivated by use of underlying gas and overt inclusion of petroleum. Personally, for years, like many other people, I’ve eaten the product for long periods of time–admittedly not paying attention to the label until wondering about a stiffness of taste with a jar of it with a recent purchase and my continued interest in diverse farmlands/ranches, grown foods, and just getting older and forcing myself to read labels more; however, also, is the strange notice of the word “rapeseed” and personally wanting to investigate it more. Why would a word like that be included on a peanut butter label? Plus, I thought peanut butter is just that…peanut butter. A quick look into it, and noticeable is the ingredient that needs to be removed from the contents of the jar. Catching wind of it, the FDA is removing the ingredient and the jars from supermarkets, etc. We are/we were, in essence, eating what I just ascribed–petroleum, links of it, and gas. Research it and think about it.  There wasn’t anything really hidden by the FDA; it’s just surprising that it wasn’t much more hidden, which ends up begging more  problems/questions for the FDA. You simply don’t include petroleum and gas in a food product. What it comes down to, too, is isolating setting areas for the film. I mentioned California, I believe, Alaska, and Texas–yet I need to work through more of the research to figure out which area and/or areas exactly. The research has been an intriguing road–and I’m enjoying the highway of it. ONWARD!  🙂


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