Waiting to write more music…


I’m told it looks good for temporary housing at one of the former locations of the ex-Holy Rosary Catholic Church, all Catholic Churches now obsolete due to the Dioceses thwarting illegally Jewish religion and practice. This week with an appointment this early afternoon, 1:00pm at the Ex-Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament on 11th and J Streets. It would be great if I could get into the room today, as the weather is getting very cold, and sleeping on the asphalt at a place that has become dangerous (Loaves & Fishes) where I get my mail and unfortunately thwarts of phone messages according to the Department of Defense that makes people accept physical, emotional, mental, and verbal abuse, it would be much safer being able to get the room asap and I could start getting things back on track more.  What’s helped is learning about the Ex-Catholic faith and while doing so learning that Spanish and Chinese cultures enjoy collaborating/contributing to the Ex-Catholic faith.

I’m enjoying learning music from all three cultures. I’ve been taking notes for future songwriting development. You should see not only the time frame musically of where the songs generated from but also the artwork. The church is very ornate and distinguished. The paintings are beautiful with the artwork The church has a Baldwin piano in it in which a young girl was playing the piano; she played beautifully for the Chinese service. I don’t have an extensive family background in music, but I did have on the paternal side of my family an aunt and a late grandfather who grew up with the Ex-Catholic faith. All of what I have of them was in a small box, photographs, papers, rosaries, information on the both of them with the Catholic church etc.–anything that was them they took even my thesis that ex-Roseville cops set up with another criminal at 511 Encinal Avenue Roseville, CA 95678, a court-purchased property that the courts purchased for me. The illegal surveillance rape/molestation humiliation demonstration from ex-Roseville Police Department’s L. Cole, J. Guess, Theresa ,D./ K. Kato, Molly Buffington, Viggo Mortensen, Jodie Hallowes, Nichol,Nichole,Nicol Day, Mary Bowen/Mary Carr and others–you name it in the SCV0034413 Bowen v. Warren et al case and M-CV-0061815 and all cross appeals involved in it has a history behind it. L. Cole’s grandfather, a former cop with a history of the same illegal molestation/rape acts with Judge Sandra Day O’ Connor’s illegal arrest at a lake location, and a most recent finding found with singer/actress Bette Midler–L. Cole’s grandfather doing the same to her. A long time coming catching these criminals, Viggo Mortensen/Charles Manson is also responsible for the death of Bette Midler’s sister who was hit by a vehicle, and he is also responsible with setting up a rape/molestation situation with his son Henry Mortensen/Valentine Manson in which Ms. Midler’s other sister was raped.  There has been more that one rape/molestation episode with the same people involved in  four of my  illegal detainments, the same and/or relatives of the same people involving the same people. The Mortensen’s including Viggo Mortensen’s wife is also involved in art frame rape and domestic violence illegal surveillance art frames, videos and in person rape and molestations threats by way of impersonating other people verified Department of Defense.  She slept on a corner sidewalk at 14th & C Streets near my court-purchased film studio at 1425 C Street, Sacramento, CA.

Classmates, Valentine Manson/Mendy Bates, Charles/Manson/Jodies Hallowes/Viggo Mortensen, all the ex-cops involved in the 4th illegal detainment with an ex-relation who recently set up impersonating an early morning penal ejaculation masturbation session that threatened rape while impersonating an African American male will receive the death penalty. He drove up in a vehicle, got out of the vehicle, propositioned me, took out his male organ and proceeded to ejaculate on me and said “do you want to be raped?”He did this different intervals at different times. The ex-relation hit me twice on two other occasions and ran over me with a cart while having to sleep on the asphalt of Loaves & Fishes. Weave was called twice to report his incriminating behavior with threats to bomb their building. Asking for cigarettes and Michelle, referring to Michelle Jenkens, who held me at weapon point with my storage belongings, accepting $40.00 for impersonating U.S. Marshalls with ex-cops Berkowitz, Uribe, etc. (a tripped-up illegal surveillance and cyberstalking inside the crosswalk “click-on” knob (militia machine gun military firing), etc. La Donna E. Williams/April E. Williams, Nichole/Nichol/Nichol Day and WebBank/Avant Credit, after Jodie Hallowes did, left after I dialed the Department of Defense phone number and reported by way of Federal registration. A witness to the gruesome sexual battery charge, etc. called Maryhouse to inform what the person saw. Again, Viggo Mortensen is involved as well as the other individuals named. Mary Carr, also known as Mary Margaret Bowen, along with my mother’s approval and father’s and with several other family members’ support, guilty of the same illegal surveillancing  and cyberstalking wrongdoings, supported, with several set up topless EKGs for Federal Permanent Illegal Surveillants as with all ex-police departments involved  at the ex-Sacramento Main Jail, horrifying fake EKG settings where I had a sibling baiting breath over seeing any breast, pelvic area etc. along with Mendy Bates, Jodie Hallowes  engaging in the touching of our genitals as we were illegally humilatingly examined, along with another cousin, guilty T.J. Woliver who illegally set up another illegal detainment with Charles Mnson and Patricia Cowen, etal, at Ford Dealership. Maricopa County is also responsible for not following through procedure as is the State of Arizona for not aiding in several cries for help with this person’s constant death threats, those that also killed his parents, those that continue to threaten murder by him, Mendy Bates, Jodie Hallowes, Viggo Mortsensen, John Collins “Constable,” etc. on Federal Permanent Illegal Surveillants’ lives and innocent people’s lives in general. Bates also refuses to stop. She’s got to be, according to The Department of Defense, one of the most cruelly, horrific people around; and she is.

The Justices/Judges involved in getting rid of the illegal surveillance and cyberstalking, the Scottsdale Police Department also didn’t come to the rescue of the two-time restrained and/or any of the responsible parties due to their getting caught just the same.  The elementary school who didn’t want to hired him  in the first place was due to knowing he was still dangerous being part of a now obsolete Federal Inmate Work Program. He threatened the race card with them. Narrow it down, this person has two restraining orders and a court order–and police refused to help. Against the law. And partially why The Department of Defense took over. A good thing: Jason Baldwin, ex-cop with the Citrus Heights Police Department, receives, with all Walmart employees, no less that 30 years at the harshest of Federal Pennitentiaries–possibly the death penalty as well due also to severe drug use and collaboration with Mary Carr (who impersonated a blonde, fat chick, just to see what it was like being blonde per The Department of Defense). Also involved are Andrew, Tiffany and the City of Citrus Heights, the County of Sacramento, the State of California–Gerald G. (Jerry) Brown’s efforts with Patrick Henning, and no doubt the prosecution of ex-President Barak Obama for his disturbing sexual recording of abusing his own family and me with verbal abuse and prejudicial race remarks, his engagement with guilty Oprah Winfrey over their own prejudice toward one another. Ridiculous. And obviously dangerous, which neither cared about. Obama caught at Ben Baker’s Donuts in Roseville, CA for illegally setting up an illegal broadcast, illegal surveillance with continued cyberstalking. Judge/Justice Clarence Thomas is handling his prosecution.  Every Walmart employee from the Bethany location in Phoenix, Arizona will receive life sentences to the death penalty. Walmart, as of today, with also Jodie Hallowes’s bench warranted and restrained sister Kathleen Mayfield/Hallowes, will close permanently 12/12/15. Other discount stores will be open in the place of it along with Target for Rebekah Makieve, along with her husband “Better than HBO”, Mark MaKieve  sexually orally gratifying themselves feeling people up with cyberstalkive art frames by her, both hunting us down, their death threats–both losing their children to CPS and The Department of Defense for orally sexually gratifying themselves giving oral sex to their children and physically abusing them. How sick does sick get? I guess they want the Laura Linney and her husband incest prize or something–also verified by The Department of Defense. The former Scottsdale cop, again, the death penalty. We’ve begged for our lives and our possessions back; and it’s taken the Department of Defense to get on this currently providing these people what they deserve–the death penalty according to the Federal government, Justices/Judges, and Department of Defense. They did this to us because we have no criminal background, just to see us suffer because they hate talented people; and they can’t handle people succeeding or the thought of it.

Interestingly enough, the impersonations of the criminals, those who continue as the Department of Defense numbers their days, stole my vehicle with other artists’ vehicles and Judge/Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s vehicle. And all the contents that I could ever have of my late grandfather and his side of the family was in the trunk of my vehicle, along with everything else that I need and needed: clothes, artwork, paints, golf clubs, all my court cases, all my creative notes, some books on them, my novel, second poetry collection (i.e., draft notes) some screenplay notes, playwriting drafts–you name it down to hygiene products. I’ve had nothing but one change of underware since December 1, 2015 and just the clothes on my back. Classmates are involved in this, family members, former apartment managers that are fake people like their fake IRS agent selves, old ex-relations that continue to violate the restraining orders with a court order they’re on. As usual the local fired police keep doing the same thing and are involved in illegally evicting/illegally making us homeless, stealing our vehicles and our animals and the sexual illegality. Those accountable are still in this library as I type this, balling their brains out finally and attempting to save-draft this post; they are nuts in fact as brutal as this barbaric criminal Hallowes false cries for her death. All these cousins. And it took the Department of Defense this long. We wonder if we will see our possessions back, our cars back with all their contents; we are told that we will and our animals. I have two, a female named Chloe who I was forced to give up for adoption; she wouldn’t have made the several non-emergency phone calls that did us in also with the illegal surveillance noise devices police admitted to and so did apartment managers and then  lied when realizing the penalty for what they are involved in. All for nothing, and she was horribly  abused as well. I’m told my cat Tuxedo will be returned to me as well, too. They took everything we had–and are still trying too. Comes the rescue of the Department of Defense. It’s just odd how it’s been handled.

Too long-winded for songwriting discussion, but it helps target these criminals and those at Loaves & Fishes for what they’ve done to us, and to keep them away from us in no matter the creative profession we see–no matter the genre. Next time more specificity on songwriting. Thank you for your support in helping catch these criminals. And thank you for helping us catch a former classmate whose is as sick as they come named Mendy Bates who changed the date to 11/15/15 on my blog post of 11/14/15, who is specifically involved in the missing of all our belongings, vehicles with all contents in them, our animals, all four illegal arrests with ex-police, thwarting, maiming, threatening death, the ficticious name of The Baldwin Company where my vehicle was illegally towed and has helped make our lives a living nightmare. We were instructed to call The Sacramento Fine Arts Center about her and other’s illegally cyberstalking and illegally surveillancing by the Justices/Judges, the Federal government, Courts, and The Department of Defense and were treated horribly by Sharon, the ex-Director. Bates, David Peterson, Jay Bishop, Marie Dixon, Sheila Jacobs, that whole outfit is gutted to where it will open again to a community viable of supporting artists who don’t do this to other artists. Please call the Department of Defense should you come into contact with any of these criminals, especially, too, Mendy Bates cousin to also horrific John Collins  “Constable”–a fake last name and guilty of over 650+ illegal arrests, bank development/credit union development paycheck fraud and lying about 911 phone calls with Joyce Metzger and James Greene, Jim Meanz/Farlane, etc.. Oakmont High School and Eureka Union have been notified as well as Humboldt State University where Bates lied about a full Bachelor’s degree in Art. Bates has been following me since 1986, Pam Jensen/Erickson since 1983, Viggo Mortensen since I was five years old–a setup, heist, planned death event, the Department of Defense calls a public “view to kill” and a massive outtake on one person” and “not just one person”–a taking out of all non-prepared, not knowing they were being followed, up until the point they found out, Federal Permanent Illegal Surveillants.

Please note: Some of these “likes” are Viggo Mortensen’s doing, so that he could obtain a copy for his criminal self and his cousin-criminals, which the Department of Defense has in custody–a long time coming for these people with what the Federal government has said and many others who have been illegally surveillance and cyberstalked by them and absolutely hate him. The Department of Defense is tracing his equipment, so that I can be able to delete  these “likes” of his doing…the fake pictures he created–and than, again, evidence…I rather, however, have them deleted. Who wouldn’t. He is restrained, court-ordered bench-warrant arrested to stay off of my blog with no allowance of printing due to plagiarizing tendencies.

This morning, a cruel reminder about criminals; crime doesn’t discriminate. Viggo Mortensen was seen at 5:30am + in the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacramento impersonating a Catholic Priest/Biship speaking Spanish, thwarting every bit of it, as was Patricia Dianne Bowen, Mary Carr, the ex-relation, Jodie Hallowes, etc. to downgrade what should have been a look-forward-to with the Celebracion Para La Virgen de Guadalupe.(There should be an accent on the”o” of “Celebracion.)

A horrific reminder to all: the ex-police departments are still engaged in boxing us in, driving around stalking us constantly and getting caught while cyberstalking; at minimum today, prior to writing this, adding more details, close proximity…ten units with more threats of illegal arrests and death threats from them per The Department of Defense. You wouldn’t believe the humiliation of two women salivating over seeing me and other Federal Permanent Illegal Surveillants being forced to strip down naked with the 4th illegal detainment held, again, at weapon point for no reason at the ex-Sacramento County Jail in which ex-cops/ex-staff refuse to leave.


Directing, Writing, Acting…


I recently saw Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwyk; the film is directed by Peter Godfrey, a British director. One thing obviously unmistakable is Stanwyk’s  talent–several reasons I was hesitant in viewing her films, at least some of them. They don’t justify her talent; and early directors and writers didn’t seem to articulate her best, their organization in directing, or the level of writing necessary for her character–and other supporting characters. Too fast of a film, with sloppy edits, non-comedic in spots, I think the film tried hard, perhaps, preserving comedy and family dynamic.  I saw Stanwyk in The Thornbirds, which is an excellent film; she was terrific in it, not in the sense of an actor/actress gracefully aging–as we all do, it’s the fact recognizable that better direction and better writing fit her talent, as it would most actors.  I avoided her films because of poor direction and poor writing, embarrassing the lack of integrity surrounding her talent with good directing and good writing, which is what it takes, this all-encompassing support for a film.

Christmas in Connecticut is about a holiday season, provided in fun and play; but it doesn’t fit Stanwyk’s talent. I think had she, and this is just me, had been able to, perhaps, at that time–and I haven’t studied film prior to the 1950s–been able to have screenplays provided her, and maybe she did, dealing with politics, stronger female characters, and not just for means of employment, which she made quit a few films, the talent of the performance would have been more an indelible mark, which should have garnered her more respect in the film industry. It’s not Stanwyk; it’s the non-provided scripts and direction that support the film industry.

The writing–screenwriting–is just as important as directing. And the script just didn’t do justice to her talent. I think it’s fair not to blame the time period, 1945, because there were several credible writers during that period whose work was not adapted into film. I’m not saying that professional writers are the first pick of the lot. It’s about good writing that helps prevail a film with very good directing and just as good acting. There are a lot of aspiring filmmakers who are good writers who don’t have to be English majors.  Stanwyk, as we know, was also a viably vibrant dynamic character in The Big Valley; and we know this as an audience. But the film work should have spoke volumes, deserving better, more personally satisfying parts. There’s a suffering seen on screen due to lack of better directing and writing. Less hospitable film editing (e.g., the baby scene with the soap where the soap stays too long in the baby’s mouth, having characters run a muck with untangible dialogue) etc.  laps matching characters to where they are just speaking lines with mis-direction, which is painful to watch. Film is also about respecting talent, being able to work with a cast, and that a cast gets along. It’s also about securing good writing and directing along with good acting.  Stanwyk was ahead of her time born during the turn of the twentieth century. I don’t think the film industry, perhaps, knew how to keep up with her and her talent unless the parts just weren’t provided. A viewer can just tell there is a frustration and a suffering that’s hidden as she employs some of the lines. This viewer noticed.

Petroleum, Peanut Butter…the FFTDA/FDA


Building on research for The Litigant, I’ve come across a geology book from French translation by Albert V. Carozzi and Marguerite Carozzi, A History of Geology that configures mountains and fossils; obviously there is more to geology than studying rocks. Rocks and minerals, the travel to investigate research-wise is always intriguing–what a geologist may intend to find, the surprises unseen, and the awaiting lab work when he/she returns to study even more the history behind the discoveries. I’ve taken an interest in the fossil/mountain sections of the book wanting to read more about this and figuring an intrinsic way of including meaningful at-work, tone-criminality reasoning, that means figuring out the type of textile I’d like to work into the petroleum/geology discovery that included the crime. As such, the first petroleum book I’m reading/researching is called The American Petroleum Industry 1899-1959, The Age of Energy by Harold F. Williamson, Ralph L. Andreano, Arnold R. Daum, and Gilbert C. Klose. This book provides some effective chart-making, drawings, figures, maps, and tables–illustrations effective with historical pictures courtesy plethora universal,  Oil and Gas Journal   etc. Petroleum transition refineries, industrial and commercial usage, product demand, domestic channeling, marketing–a spearheading reason, perhaps, and not perhaps, for what’s contagious with “rapeseed.”

This screenplay depicts a true story in the sense of an ingredient being in a product for years that shouldn’t have been, motivated by use of underlying gas and overt inclusion of petroleum. Personally, for years, like many other people, I’ve eaten the product for long periods of time–admittedly not paying attention to the label until wondering about a stiffness of taste with a jar of it with a recent purchase and my continued interest in diverse farmlands/ranches, grown foods, and just getting older and forcing myself to read labels more; however, also, is the strange notice of the word “rapeseed” and personally wanting to investigate it more. Why would a word like that be included on a peanut butter label? Plus, I thought peanut butter is just that…peanut butter. A quick look into it, and noticeable is the ingredient that needs to be removed from the contents of the jar. Catching wind of it, the FDA is removing the ingredient and the jars from supermarkets, etc. We are/we were, in essence, eating what I just ascribed–petroleum, links of it, and gas. Research it and think about it.  There wasn’t anything really hidden by the FDA; it’s just surprising that it wasn’t much more hidden, which ends up begging more  problems/questions for the FDA. You simply don’t include petroleum and gas in a food product. What it comes down to, too, is isolating setting areas for the film. I mentioned California, I believe, Alaska, and Texas–yet I need to work through more of the research to figure out which area and/or areas exactly. The research has been an intriguing road–and I’m enjoying the highway of it. ONWARD!  🙂