Workin’ the Novel…



Thus, the battle continues with several former classmate thwarts, locking up the public computer. My cat, Tuxedo, viciously ripped away from me after a post on 11/14/15 that I posted. A thwart also against reading Judge Sandra Day O’Connor’s letter and death threats for having the ability to write well and want my work out there. Also a classmate that’s been told by the Federal government she’s not going to make the art grade–and who has been illegally surveillancing me since 1986 who is the person who change the date on my 11/14/15 posting who has also been continuously threating me–she’s cousin to all involved and set up in addition a fourth illegal arrest. Directly after I posted, ate something, and returned for my feline, I received a prop-cop illegal arrest from a pseudo cop named Bragg, #S15 who separated all my belongs illegally including my cat from me with this former classmate and the restrained. I don’t really know what to think of the Federal government just disappointed I guess. I want my cat, Tuxedo, back and the housing/residencies the Department of Defense/Federal government promised Federal Permanent Illegal Surveillants. The Sacramento Library on I Street unfortunately supports still people stalking me and cyberstalking me. This has to end. I’m Federal Employee ID also #206, and any help you can give in helping us get our animals back, our housing/residency up is greatly appreciated. Our next housing/residence check-in date is 3:00pm 11/25/15. I called the Department of Defense this morning from Maryhouse, a place we are left subsided due to what the restrained have done to us. It’s so barbarically unbelievable. But keep the faith. Keep writing. Keep goin’. Cyberstalkers and people who can’t make the grade artistically have tried every effort to sabbatoge FPIS who are Federal along with the horrible Ex-Sacramento Sheriff’s office, Ex-Rocklin police Dept., Ex-Rancho Cordova, Police Dept., and Roseville Police Dept. etc. We have been picked/chosen as artists who can make it. They can’t deal with it, so they make your life a living hell.


As for my novel,  I’ve climbed in for more headway. Some novel excerpts, more with the main and some secondary characters, mother and daughter independently. Of all things, I got a kick out of elaborating on litter use–litter as text, as an identifiable learning tool. Litter as rhetoric, as a means to educate oneself. A person doesn’t have to have a formal education to educate himself/herself. This section is based on the main female character I have going for the novel. I drafted a section insofar on one of the daughter’s who is more artistically motivated, looking at textile and art–clothing and how art can eccentrically synthesize itself to cooking, clothing, and the breakdown of family. My novel is in my stolen vehicle. I have the flash drive, however, and hopefully it’s fine. I called this morning the Department of Defense to work with the Federal government in expediting more its return to me and my cat(s) to me. I cannot believe what’s happened to me–in the way this has had to go Federal; but if it didn’t go Federal there would probably be without means of recovering all that was taken away from me. And so here we are again, another holiday season, Thanksgiving approaching. Family in custody, finding I have a relative who’s also a FPIS struggling like myself in getting his life back with his dog and the additional high profile FPISs weathering the storm as well. We are exhausted, wanting to return to our creative work/projects and get on with things; they, too, want their vehicles returned with all contents in them as do I. This illegal surveillance stuff takes too long to get off. It’s coming off– you can tell more times than not; but the cyberharassment, cyberstalking, in person stalking, and thwarts from also inside Federal government/Department of Defense is nuts. No wonder one gains so much experience, not only in life but everything else. Thank you bloggers for your support in reaching the end of this as we are all tired of these loser criminals who have no means of support than to parasite themselves in us and take everything we have so that we are at their level, which isn’t going to happen. I say keep writing, keep truckin’ and keep prayin’ the housing comes, etc. We’re still in need of temporary housing due to the Federal government’s delays and the Court of Appeal’s thwart-staff surprising thwarts. Unbeleiveable what the Federal government puts FPISs through; it’s brutal, absolutely consciously brutal!   Keep writing!   🙂



Some Film Interest…


From my blog has come some film directing interest. Federal has taken an interest in all of my film project screenplays and my creative work.  I’m looking forward to writing all of the screenplays, completing them, and learning as much as I can. Wish me luck!  🙂

Poetry Inspired by Film…


Inspired by a screenplay I’m working on called Slackwater Clowes and the RiverLock Cherry Run  for a poem to include in my second poetry collection/chapbook, insofar called Wood in which the title of the poem may change. I worked on some development notes this morning and put it into more of a structural format. This poem looks at math, logic, reasoning, nature, the understanding–and/or attempt to, understand the suggestion and significance of not just any community but a canal community and its environment. I’m planning on trying a few different structural formats for it–iambic pentameter, couplets, and maybe some cinquain, We’ll see. Excited to get some notes underway to make some headway for an additional poem in my collection and the fact it comes from a more newly developed genre I’m working in with screenplays. Looking forward to the result. 🙂