In Medias Res…


Through the midst of being severely attacked by perpetrating cyberstalkers and in person impersonations, the Federal government is terribly slow recovering my stolen vehicle declared stolen by the Department of Defense on October 8, 2015. I share a visiting park while visiting with my feline I’m worried about being attacked and stolen by the attacking perpetrators who refuse allowance leaving me alone. In the thick of things, I have managed developing ideas for the four screenplays. Everything in my vehicle not recovered yet to me along with other “timed” FPIS of the Federal government are forced living though this delayed treachery. Trying to find interim transportation to get to the basics of things: my mail location to get my IRS tax refund, etc. is mind boggling and no less scary and frustrating. I’m trying to get a replacement vehicle, ask for rides and I’m dependent on people’s cell phones who have blocked just about every means of persistent attempt at telephoning getting help. The Federal government has verified that these people, these attackers who did this to me, took me out of my home by weaponry–cyberstalking and in person–impersonating fake apartment management, at weaponry-point also the demand of emptying the contents of my rented storage unit and stealing my vehicle with all contents in it including my draft novel. They did this to me just to see the expression on my face and to do something to somebody especially a Federal person/Fed (FPIS) who has a lot of writing ability potential and no criminal background due to the hatred of their own lives and selves. This is also a hate crime according to the Federal government, Judges/Justices, etc. On the floor for the House of Representatives, as I have been nominated by Judge Sandra Day O’Connor, and the alerting of Congress to end identity theft, cyberstalking, cyberharassment, placing people in bondage by taking everything they own to attempt murdering them and their pets, is the  conscious demonization of relentless violation restraining order pursuance for monetary gain.

I type this from a public county library in Sacramento…Orangevale, finding out much to do with a criminal sibling who refuses to also stop threatening me at this library and is being taken into custody and prosecuted along with the other guilty.This still puts me in the way of the Federal government protecting me, as they are way too slow; so it leaves me having to ask the community for transportatiion efforts, as I have a feline who’s also being threatened still and interium housing in which the Federal government has purchased though the court properties, which are not yet available. I’m having to ask to stay with people. I found out that by birth I was born Federal–meaning along with this label comes being what’s denoted as a Federal Permanent Illegal Surveillant. We’ve mage a request for the House of Representatives and Congress to begin hashing out as our homes were taken out from under us by criminals, people who haven’t finished serving homicidal fugitive sentences for killing people, their own family members and others who not. As I write this, cyberstalkers are threatening to take and cut-up sacrifice my feline. I had to leave temporarily a picnic bench location I’m visiting with him at Orangevale Community Park to be able to get some food, resources, and seek access for this posting, etc.

On a good note: I received word of a college whose interested in my teaching abilities from applying back in 2013 located in Washington. A pretty place. Another good note…more progress while waiting on my housing and the return of my vehicle with threats of it not being return with its contents by the attackers, but the Federal government has said it will be returned with all contents included. In the meantime, any support of transportation, interium housing while they continually catch these criminals would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your support and for those who have contacted 916-654-0209, the Court of Appeals in and by way of support with Justice William J. Murray, Judge Clarence Thomas, Judge Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, and Judge Sandra Day O’Connor–my immediate employment judicial supervisors for also accepting part-time judgeships with the offerings I’ve received. I’ve received teaching offers, one from Harvard and Pima Community College, the same location I started out completing transfer level courses for in Art; and there is the support in my pursuance of getting my writing out there with my love of it in the many genres I enjoy working in. Now, I can’t wait to get to my painting, which has been seriously delayed because of these criminal atackers. And guess what? I found out through the Federal government that I’m the eighth and last decendent of painter Toulouse-Lautrec.  On to getting some food and to my feline who I’m always worried about with this ongoing tracking from these attackers in the hope he’s okay.  Let’s end this war on cyberstalkers, cyberharassment and in person stalking and cyberstalking while in person stalking; it robs people from everything!  🙂 ONWARD!