Poetry: the Root of Math and Science…


Exercising perspective and proportion…some thoughts I’m working with picking up the drafting of my second poetry collection, wanting to work with theories in drawing, science, mathematics, perhaps an integration  with nature–perhaps configured distinctly on their own. I started looking at composition more with future juried painting projects, thoughts of series-painting and non-series paintings. Amazing how highly configured mathematics is to art, composition with geometry and word problems–which I really had a difficult time working with as a grammar student. I didn’t like math because I didn’t understand what I was suppose to do with it. I understood what was in front of me, but I think if I had a better math teacher early on and/or didn’t feel intimidated by the subject…a total phobia I had with math…it wouldn’t have been so paralyzing. Now, I find math intriguing and wanting to work with it creatively, so much so with science in looking at the intricacies applicable to how things are made instrumentally; for example, the making of a golf ball/golf club–how it is constructed, internally designed as with canal systems, weaponry systems, petroleum systems to landscape, political climate, human life, one’s social life, and the literary blend–in other words poetically, not so much in film, per say, although a character may have a hidden poetic essence about him/her; but to work with these subjects in poetry is something I’m working on and what I’d like to include within my picking back up painting, whether it’s watercolor, oil painting, pastels–and finding that right acrylic for underpainting with oil painting. A class I’d also like to take is sculpting. I’ve never sculpted, and obviously mathematics is involved in size, shape, dimension, etc.  How you sculpt a poem is important, too. A slow process here, regaining some ground with poetry. Always important is expanding on the things you may have previously feared but don’t fear now. There’s a big difference.

I found some books at an over-ignored book donation station, a geometry textbook and a word game text, a logisitics-analytical text that works with word problems, some I wish had more artistic application; but it’s an intelligent word game book. I royally sucked at math word problems and avoided them in grammar and junior high school. I think, however, in looking back that if I also had a teacher that helped break down the word problems on the board, the “of” and the “and” word-purposes because certain words, conjunctions, are symbolic to formatting by way of formula, creating/writing the formula by understanding the word problem’s comprehensiveness, in other words being able to quickly understand the reading comprehension behind the word problem. I would’ve been A-Okay with math. Understanding the root behind word problems and practicing with them, breaking down and putting back up the ingredients of the word problem helps analytically with one’s reading skills and allows for a much easier time education-wise and real-world application. I remember kids when I was in school saying, “What do you need math for?” Believe me, math does wonders and is a wonderous thing, creatively and artistically.I don’t know how much of it I want to use/apply in the second set of poetry, but I’m working on it.  ONWARD!  🙂


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