Expanding Characters and Art…


I’ve got two full length plays in progress–and one dealing with poker and probably a few more games. I’m expanding characters now into seven, which is interesting because six characters might due justice around the card table. But I’d like to turn the waitress character into a seventh character. So now I’m thinking of eight characters. May be it’s too many characters, but I’m going to work them in for now. So far, I’ve got two African American characters, one French/Italian character, those of Caucasian decent, a female character with a sharp Equador/Cuban accent–and maybe characters more of mixed decent. One of my characters is also farm working, and I’m looking for a strong Midwest/Southern accent. We’ll see. I got some history information on African American Catholic priests, which is incredibly intriguing–also configured is a writer-novelist. I’m striving toward people who have successful backgrounds–and, again, what brings these people with successful professions to the card table. I was inspired long ago by a woman who dropped her Ph.D program to play cards, and as an older character interested in academics but interested also in playing professional poker, cards, an intriguing story, And, of course, local players as well. I wish I would have kept an much earlier entry of a card game posting dealing with some ideas about the game and a local player I wrote a posting about, Jennifer Harman–though I thought the posting a bit personal. I think I may have had some details in their about the game and some useful metaphors. But I’m taking notes, and remember some features. I may have it somewhere…

My other full length play that includes Flameno dancing, I stopped by a dance studio and inquired about categories of dance, for one lyrical dancing; and I’m wondering how lyrical and/or how much of it configures into Flamenco dancing. I’m ready to sketch some costume and body movement gestures. The woman I spoke to body-articulated “lyrical” movements for me. It was cool watching someone whose noticeably skilled in dancing demonstrate a few dance moves. I’m going to have to visit some dance studios. I’d like to vary the dance studios and obviously visit Flamenco dance studios. I printed outs more information about learning to read music with for the play. I’d like to adapt the play into film that I mentioned earlier in a post. I recently visited a local guitar/instrument store that also had many music note reading books; The store had a lot of youth music reading books. They looked very helpful. Heck, you can learn a lot from children’s music note reading education books. There were tons. Some step-by-step books with visual representation. That helps. I’m more of a visual learner. Any how, kid or not, the books look helpful; and the point is you learn from them. Now in search of my art pencil box. Sketch. Sketch. Sketch. In search, though, for a very good comprehensive music note reading book that I had found with one of the first art books I had purchased, Art of Drawing by Sterling Publishing.  🙂


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