Staff, Extended Staff, Clefs, Etc. (Reading Music Notes)…


Today was learning about staff. Music note staff. Extension with staff. The small line you use in order to be able to extend the staff of already line-staff. Lower pitched notes go on the bottom of the staff; and higher-pitched notes go on the top off the staff. Five lines and four spaces prior to line extension with the staff. I found a lot of resource information to study learning more how to read music notes. Groovy. This helps me with the full length play I’m in the process of writing. So it’s treble clef action and bass clef. I tell you, if you learn to read music, you can learn many things artistically: design, shape, expression–and, of course, music, even learn to play an instrument if you haven’t played one before when you’ve just been writing music, per se. At least for me, I think, if I know the notes, it’ll be easier–like anyone else–to play an instrument. I just don’t know what instrument would be easier to play. Probably just pick up an instrument and try it. But learning to read music is somewhat like learning a formula. Like math. Math has formula. Music’s kind of like algebra. The older I get…math is pretty cool. That’s if you can be patient with it. This is going to be kewl…learning reading music. I’ve got some printed blank staff sheets–and access to music symbols, some music dictionaries, and more inclusive music theory. But what’s cool, too, is you don’t have to be extremely skilled in music theory to play music well. This is just me and wanting to learn reading music, writing it for my creative work; and it doesn’t hurt either to learn how to play an instrument. I need to tell myself that. It’s fun writing music. I mentioned earlier that writing music is like writing poetry, as the process is somewhat similar. So we’ll see what happens.  🙂


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