Strategic Processes…


Vacillating with titles for the first screenplay–and have a somewhat of a title for a second screenplay in which I’m starting to also gather information on the second screenplay dealing with the military, as mentioned in an earlier posting with military strategies. A trip back to the cemetery for one late grandfather and trying to find out where he was specifically listed during his four year listing time in the Army. He spent much of his life, I’m finding in California and personal living time in Placer County. I’ll be contacting Fort Sill soon. I have a late uncle who spent time as a Master Sergeant in the Army, and I’m also wondering how much time he spent in the Navy and Marines. So I’ll also be contacting Fort Sill Cemetery, probably the City of Lawton, etc. Another late grandfather spent time in the service, the Marines; and I’m still researching how much involvement, if any, he had in either the Navy and/or Marines. I have about 245 years of military history to work with. The family backdrop is a potential guide to seeing more of the direction I would like for the script. I have notes on locations, local and historical, diverse strategy emphasis, defense mechanisms, military law/lawyers. I’m not sure how much I really want to touch on with law–as much about law is in my first screenplay. I’m wanting to interview commanders, generals, university professors; and with the recent findings of what I am–sixty percent American Indian (thirty percent Apache and thirty percent Navajo), ten percent English, ten percent Spanish and twenty percent with five percent each French, German, Italian, and African American with letters to sift through, papers, etc., it’ll be a fulfilling and obviously new creative project for me. I had a feeling there would be, perhaps, some Italian within the French name of Vinez. Vinez comes from the paternal side of my family–not too far down the line. Any how, this brings me to several potential inclusive locations to think about outside of the local areas like McClellan AFB, an important base during its prime and looking into the area of it where one of my late grandfather’s worked. P.S. I’ve just had on 4/17/17, per Federal and The Pentagon, et al, people changing my changing my nationality, literally on my blog, which is…wouldn’t you think illegal to do?, especially with “she’s a fraud!” (Computer Terminals 3 and 4 of “Y” in my court-purchased property with Federal government.) My line: Good luck.

Cyberstalkive and in-person body piercings still continue to also avoid what the guilty owe me monetarily, etc.–the Obama, Brown, Gates, Manson, Cocoran, San Quentin, all illegal endorsed prisons, et al, with involved guiltyville group.

The good thing is I have so much room to explore, not really knowing everything I want to put into the script yet; but the good thing is what I want to focus on a blend of both historical military and current military strategy, not just defense. I hope this experience finds me touring some military bases, military universities, learning a bit more about military life–varieties of it–the focus and dedication of military strategy and what those strategies encompass—maybe additional links to them. So for now, it’s the beginning…asking questions in infancy, researching, and trying to gain some ground on it.  🙂


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