Reading up on articles written by a sports writer/editor, independent freelance writer now who was the first female elected and female President of the USBWA, U.S. Basketball Writers Association. she writes a wide variety of articles, which is good. I came across the person as I was thinking of what characters I’m wanting to work with in developing my first screenplay. I initially thought of a sports writer character, perhaps a news editor–and then I started researching and up came a female sports writer/editor who happened to be the first female elected and inducted into the organization’s Hall of Fame. so far, I have read some articles from The Los Angeles Times  that she has written. I read this morning a poetry journailist-analysis, a cross betweeb a journalistic presentation but bulk of critical analysis and synopsis of poetry by the poet. to hear the fruit–the “peach,” the “pear,” and “raspberry” juxtaposed with nature of vegetation, wildlife–its reverence for it is enough to base a poem on seeing it without actually having visited the poem. I enjoy many parts of this piece. References to religion and the discussion existence of “daily life” with the “oil derricks” “parking lots,” makes essential poetry, just the varigating of sensory and landscape. I was introduced to a new poet by it, Teddy Macker. Neuroscience is also a topic the writer discusses with the book Tales From Both Sides Of The Brain: A Life In Neuroscience by Michael S. Gazzaniga, an extension of discussion about the left and right brain. I wrote an article a long while back dealing with the public/private sector of choices that people make with business and how those choices articulate choice of work, place, location–even in a one field world. Chronicling a fifty year career in neuroscience, the writer takes us through an interview with Gazzaniga in that science, in general, is a “social process”–not a conventional, as some may have thought, “lonely” process. Science has a life. I was reacquainted with anthropology being introduced to a 1969 Yale graduate–the first female tenured professor in UC Santa Barbara’s Department of Anthropology, Barbara Voorhies. Interesting the time aspect, demographic of faculty, and Voorhies’s personability with the field and her craft. Amazing how far anthropology goes with the sciences, and I’m thinking medically. Hmmm…something to think/write about. Anyhow, I am getting ready to ask permission to be as an inspiration, more so, right now for the extended interest in the sports writer character to be able to use/utilize somewhat specifically her experience being the first female inducted in the association. If it’s not permitted, than I’ll work around the ideas of what I had initially anyways, which was working with a sportswriter character and see where it takes me. the variety of writing proposed with the writer and the sport Hall of Fame interested me. Going to read up a little more on the articles and ask. A Happy upcoming 4th of July to ALL!   🙂


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