Novel-bound…Distance and Secondary characters


Revising the first six-to-seven chapters, and noticing what may be pivotal is a short chapter, Chapter 4, being the shortest chapter yet with, perhaps, character movement. It’ll be interesting to see where the faceblindness condition configures in at the end of the novel with the friendship I have for the main and secondary characters. I mentioned earlier subtexting, which looks like the layers of it will remain. The opening chapter, I spent so much time on. Revising and revising. But I still think it needs some more connection; it’s good that it’s set in distance, meaning a bit abstract; but that the relativity needs, perhaps, more addressing. I do like the geographical/location synthesis, working with certain states; yet mostly those states are the ones I am familiar with. Working with New Zealand has been effective with the secondary character. I still need to see what happens with the secondary character, which means I may still have the theme of faceblindness and not the character up until the end of the novel. We’ll see. For now, it’s getting re-aquainted with revision, and still liking what I see. Cooler weather would be helpful, as I’m not much of a summer person. Not too much off track with what I see drafted, but obviously off time productivity with due to the illegal eviction situation and people constantly cyberstalking me still in venues and out. I’m glad I never was much for technology or that tech-savvy, research savvy, but the heck with tech with what’s happened to me; and the venues involved you wouldn’t believe. Impersonations are abound and right in front of me and you do they perform. Too wild. I was stunned to learn that it’s solely judges/justices at work having to curtail my illegal surveillance. It’s just as exhausting for them as it is for me putting up with this until it’s entirely off. Wish me luck.  Wish us luck!  🙂


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