Digging deeper into “CHAPTER” format…


One of the interesting things now is deciding on chapter format for my novel I happen to still be working on. With all of the court system/systems I’ve been learning about–forms, experiences, etc., I’ve been thinking about some for this novel, I might shorten the judicial section considered for it. We’ll see. But historic Georgia court settings have me interested with a male character lawyer involved. I have to reach them–and the amount of that state’s availability. One feature, though, for me with novels is looking how writers work with chapter form; and that’s what I need to be thinking about. I have the draft. I just need to type–and, of course, there’s usual revising. But I need to think about chapter format. Not so much length, I think, as studying–mainly reading novels with different chapter formats.  The more I think about it, chapter-style, chapter format, helps with organizing notes, research, and material. Some of these characters are richly developed now–yet I need to work more, however, on interweaving their presence and connection to other characters’ lives, how they fit into location. And something for me to think about: how that location really fits into, perhaps, many of their lives. Always, however, how location/place is an eyesore, some times, for navigating the story. I have the main character, and the main character will stay–unless, perhaps, an editor tells me differently. But location also–maybe several–and that the location comes back to a location is more or less a flexible way of working with chapter format. Technology has taken us to a matter of concern in terms of typing–not only for writers but businesses with Federal revamping. I wonder what’s in store for replacing electronics due to the dangerous cyberstalking efforts and threats on artists’ lives and other’s people’s lives–not just by non-artists. I used to own an electric word processor. I’m terrible with manual typewriters, especially with revising; so I’m wondering what will be–in terms of replacing the computer and cell phone due to people hacking into IT systems and personal computers. This will be interesting to see.

For now, however, I’m thinking about how to work with my novel without infringing too much on context, what I have insofar: organizing with what works with chapter format. Sounds more technical, I think, than it should; and I think It’ll get worked out. Novels aren’t that tough when I think about it, especially when you like to work in as many different genres as I do. Multi-genre creating is extremely helpful–at least it is for me. That’s what makes the process of novel writing, or can, that much easier. Something to consider.  🙂


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