Starting the play submission process…


So I submitted my first play–and I’ll have to say it needed more time,, considering the unbelievable Teasband applications from illegal surveillancing still; it’s still happening in the Sacramento Public Library as I write this. The Federal government, however, is working at curtailing it. And almost, again, a near death experience these past few days. Anyhow, I submitted it, needing more time but racing toward the deadline; and the Federal government helping as much as possible to ensure that I be able to send it online. I have changed some of the context. It needed it–the beginning needs some more revision, more continuity and unification, a bit more, throughout the play, I changed the ending and cleaned up the embarrassing typos, which would have never gone out otherwise. I had even, at time of revising some, yesterday, people and, guess who, Viggo Mortensen still thwarting my every move on MS Word, along with the “cousin clan” and others. Let me just say, “et al.” I have a huge case coming up, and thanks to the judges still on my court cases, and especially, Judge Clarence Thomas, the appeal is still in motion and with inclusive Federal and State revampment. These people will not stop any anything–and I’ve done nothing to them to injure, harm, and still try to illegally evict me from even my vehicle that’s all I have left at the moment. I have a cleared, approved allotment of progressive, forthcoming court-appointed properties that I’ll be working with in terms of county recorders offices. I just hope it doesn’t take too long to process them. My cat is still alive with death threats as well. All I know is it takes forever for the Federal government to clear things–and in the meantime a treachery. I’m looking forward to my first full length play, rather my second full length play, the first one I’m revising and planning on calling The Card Room. I have a lot of research going for the second full length play and I’m excited about it. It allows me to pursue writing music–meaning notes, partaking in studying them, which I have started to do and will be reviewing again shortly. Nice to be back on the blog. I need a job. And these people, cyberstalkers, have thwarted my every move at obtaining a job. Deputy Sheriffs are starting to come in person and take them out of venues. I tell you hearing the latest from what the cousin clan did to Judge Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg is astounding; three of the cousin clan helped a timely involved Teasband death with the late John F. Kennedy Jr., his late wife, and her sibling. Crazy people. And like Judge Kennedy-Schlossberg, it’s  onward. Onward with edits and submissions. And…hopeful this cyberstalkive violence ends soon. The death threats, even from a parent, my mother saying: “You will be killed,” get old. Who would have thought…one’s own mother. I knew she had problems, but… ONWARD! 🙂