Some future film ideas…


Some more ideas ensue for forthcoming scripts I’m interested in writing; the first screenplay I talked about already–and I’m thinking about working along the lines of, surprisingly enough, a split-theme in war-comparison Generals from the turn of the century, say 20th century, from the early 1900s to the end of World War II maybe a bit longer, perhaps into the sixties, not by way of cliché but by way of looking configuratively at historical government of that time, meaning military government, some obvious U.S. government, and the general and perplex countering and/or similarities of a few Generals, some perhaps, known and some within the cracks. I have a family background of military persons who participated in the Army, Navy, and Marines: two late grandfathers who provide a pinpoint time time in American history and thereby as, perhaps, creating expanding the idea of influential European government.

Both were born in a time of early governing structure when people were relying more on person than more structured governance when more political governing was just taking shape. So research has me looking into Army-Naval Boards, the Virginia Military Institute, who designed  the Institute, some Army doctorines–both Naval and Marines, etc. So it’s looking at some military films, documentaries, books and maybe attending some conferences–and, as mentioned, not just Generals but junior officers, those regimental and local, Interservice strategic planning–maybe British-Americans. We’ll see. I may look into researching military institutes with university systems to look at educational aspects and training systems and grounds. I never thought I’d be searching/researching for working with military themes, maybe some; but I think finding out more about family history encouraged that.

Also I’m thinking of adapting a full length play I’m working on with Flamenco dancing into film. I’m enjoying working on the play and I’ll see what happens with converting it into a film script. I’d like to explore more the history of Spain, Spanish government, the history of not just Flamenco dancing but various types of dancing. An intricate look into past/present Spanish government with Presidents of Mexico and exploring literature and academia–universities in Spain and other European comparisons to, perhaps, The United States’s university systems. And, of course, some art–this could be governors and/or Presidents’ background of personally liking painting.

An additional idea for a screenplay is working with water canals–locks for the canals. I’ve researched canal locks and found out the many different geographical areas with diverse canal locks. Who would of thought canal locks? But, hey, I’m enjoying it. Building ships maybe included. All those diagrams. How the water vacillates. And just the various landscape topography of the situated canal-locks. I don’t know. Pretty interesting to me. I’ve started working with canal locks in a short play I titled insofar SyStims that I’ll be submitting to a theatre soon. SyStims shows many different systems within a family at a Chicago 1950s carnival setting–the father’s restaurant, the mother’s baseball interest and her son’s interest, and the daughter’s interest in art/canal-locks. I liked working again, which I never thought I’d be doing, with sarcastic youth. The water-lock girl/character’s name is Arlina; and she cracks me up. Ten going on Eleven. The screenplay will be different but an engagement into a world of water canal locks that takes a person’s interest into traveling. I hope. And with research-travel. You’ve got to check out those canal-locks around the world. I can’t wait to start working with this subject, too.


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