Learning how to read notes with music…


I started reading, yesterday with a flashlight, in my car, for about fifty-three days, onto fifty-four days, how to read notes for music, albeit the county configurement in some law case pursuits, not yet the County of Placer, which knows it should have awarded me the money needed on the first application. A much needed small claims court case to follow with a supervisor who threatened to illegally set up another illegal arrest for his participation in this illegal surveillance. He’s being processed for jail. Music is a needed intervention, not only listening to it but writing it in song and notes, which to me is like writing poetry, the songwriting that is. Reading about how to read notes is helpful, especially since I have the desire to write music for my plays. Maybe not just plays–for other genres as well. I’ve learned about the treble clef staff and the bass clef staff, their distinguishment, the ascention and descention of the order of notes, higher to lower, etc. This will be interesting in learning more about reading notes since I’ve never really played an instrument but have the desire to. I think, perhaps, for me, the piano may work well with learning how to grasp learning how to read music. I’m on the part of “Rhythm and Note Durations” of an Internet section, as I can’t find a book that I purchased that would help me understand more reading and writing notes for music–thanks to this illegal homelessness situation that the county is also responsible for. I miss my book. It could be with illegal trespassers on future property awarded by the court. These people who trespassed, ex-cops and, get this, a phony real estate agent who set up a horrifying perpetrating act with Viggo Mortensen that’s a lead into bringing in maybe almost as much as thirty ex-officers, etc. have been caught for cyberharassment, cyberstalking, physical on foot threats with the “cousin-clan” of past neighbors who are still dressing up in prosthetics for cyberstalking and continue to do so even with the State Laws and Statutes and the Federal government on them. It’s amazing the disrespect people have for the judicial system, and with my experiences I should be the first to walk away from the judicial system with the past judges I’ve had. Oh, by the way, insofar, all the corrupt judges, including ex-judge Jenny Rivera who stopped a train electronically, remotely, has made a total a$$ out of herself, too. Witnesses also to her cyberstalking is something else. She’s fifty-four and her career is shot. I’ve never met so many ridiculously stupid judges in my life. She’s infiltrated so many business and well…supported so many criminals who enjoy threatening my life and the judges on my court cases. This gal deserves a posted photo on her criminal account with the other hardened ex-judicial figures. Let’s see if she shows up for court. I’m embarrassed to have even known her. I can’t imagine what the judges on my court cases think. Should make for some interesting writing. Who knows? But the good thing is that I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing better judicial tact, that with the aligned judges on my court cases and helping to stop this illegal surveillance. It’s just taking forever. They, like me, and others hate Teas bands and cyberstalking and what people have done to myself, themselves, and others.

I’d rather keep the judicial themes to different genres; yet some themes may enter
the songwriting craft. So I’m reading up on what the Whole Note, Half Note, Quarter Note,
Eight Note, and Sixteenth Note are. I’ve learned also about “Accidental” notes, the “b” and the “#.” There’s no music symbol for the “b” on this computer keypad that I’m typing this post. A beginning into writing my own music and enjoying it. Thank God for art! 🙂

With the illegal “being broke” situation makes for even more hardship even for my cat, Tuxedo; he’s a trooper and very patient. But it’s taking a toll on the both of us, so we’ll see what happens. Back to the county manana; and the judicial revampment of the court system and systems. Get this: Judge Thomas verified that Olivia Newton-John shot at me with an illegal surveillance air BB-gun. God knows that everyone knows that Viggo Mortensen has earned his share of judicial prison placement along with others illegally surveillancing me. Mortensen continues with her violating the restraining order on them with ex-apartment managers cyberstalking to cybersyphening my gasoline tank. What possesses already successful people who screwed over their careers with illegally surveillancing a newbie, and I’m not an actor. It’s Placer County not Los Angeles. I’m not new to my work being published, but the major works have just begun…and I’m still trying to get them because of these people. NUTS! Onward! 🙂


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