Cyberstalkive State Statutes and Laws Abound…


My most recent judicial court experience was a mock trial–interesting, as it takes me further into how far actual judges will go with illegalness and nepotism and non-nepotism with court proceedings. I’ve got several types of court cases in effect and you learn a lot with the varied types and the horrific people behind the more forthcoming cyberstalking statutes some of the judges try hiding but they can’t. My most recent cyberstalkive incident, the maliciousness of it reducing and draining my gas tank–as others have experienced. The judges on my court cases with The Pentagon are working now at curtailing it. Let’s hope it ends soon. As dangerous it is with people violating their own restraining order(s) placed on them. Crazy. Where technology has taken us. From the interestingly save-time-mode to safety precautions, self-protection, people, perhaps, buying weapons to protect themselves, illegal situations: My case, an illegal homelessness, illegal eviction, illegal arrest. These people who did this to me are further being processed for jail purposes. Let’s hope they’re put away for life. Some of them have killed people–and the list continues with the judges’ verifications.  Amazing the themes to ensue growing off of what one experiences. Even cops/ex-cops are also violating their own restraining order. I saw today more information on “State Cyberstalking and Cyberharassment Laws.” You should check it out. The Pentagon and Judge Thomas tell me that this ridiculous, malicious illegal surveillance will be finally stopped within three weeks. I can’t believe the time that’s been taken from me with my job prospects, my living arrangements, my life, my creativity due to these people who are under restraining order constraint–and they are still doing it even so I am told because of my talent as a writer and wanting to express myself with painting–and have the ability to do so. So many people are successful and coined as successful. I have a gift, that gift happens to be communicating with writing and the want of painting artistically–aesthetically there is no crime in one wanting to dream of a creative career and pursue one. I’ve had every thwarting of people trying to stop me from doing so. Let’s hope this stops soon. First a human being. Then a creator-citizen. My cat is even so traumatized by this. One thing: In hope of all this mess in what people have done to me; and I’ve learned illegal surveillance is also dressing up in costume–prosthetics. What does that do to a person in need of an artificial presence? We’ve got criminals evading legal repercussions and the responsibility for illegally slandering people with libel as well–the real people in need of prosthetics. Unnecessarily unfair. I can’t believe the crime in this country, and it started with a cousin-related ex-judge, to a cousin-downstairs neighbor, to a cousin cop. Too long of a time it’s taking to curtail and reach The Pentagon, but it has reach it. So let’s see what happens. It would be nice to be able to get housing again and do my laundry and have my cat be able to not also live out of a vehicle that’s damaged by these people.


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