First play readings, feedback, and submission…


My first two short plays, Conundrum and Rule of Thumb, were read this month at Playwrights Collaborative–and I got some good feedback; the plays captured more than what I visualized. Some one else reading my work showed me the realistic connections with family dynamic, a theme I’ve been carving at for some time, especially with Rule of Thumb. This one doesn’t need as much revision, as I’ll go ahead and submit it to theatres–the other ones does, a bit. Divorce themes are difficult, yet they also are very realistic. I really struggled with Conundrum, part of the writing process, at times. I thought the actors did a pretty good job with my readings; and I enjoyed learning about younger talent with the actor who was cast as Olson in Rule of Thumb. I liked how he captured some of the sarcastic nuances in relation to survival with abusive relatives–the obnoxious hilarity of him working his character’s dialogue with the grandmother, for a second, I forgot it was my play and had a hard time not continuously laughing. Pitting a young male character against between two irrational characters who happen to be female is interesting, and the part where he seized the opportunity to hone in on the mother’s unforeseen, unbelievable manner of abusing his essay was gratifying experience, meaning the actors understood the character/characters. I liked how I layered this short play with several threads reverting back to what the main part of the play was about. So I got to see for the first time in a professional environment: paper read out loud–something I created, which would have taken more of a lifetime, probably, if I was half the age I am now in worrying about what it would sound like up on a stage; but it feels pretty good. And when actors can relate and/or identify with a character or want more from the characters, it speaks volumes. I’ve started a list of theatres to send my work to. so I’ll see what happens. In terms of the more difficult short play, Conundrum, the actors also did a good job. I noticed a few blank spots that need fixing draft-wise–more continuity to the scene giving characters more of a substantiation for their differences. The reader of my stage directions mentioned, during the question and answer period, necessitating stage performance to be able to see more effectively, clearly, the unexpected ending in which there is a suicide. I think the unexpectedness is pivotal in understanding the inner conflict, maybe, more of the inner need of the female character that learns she has to adjust her life and self were she didn’t expect to. Playwriting is interesting. You change one word, one line, like poetry, and it changes the entire context of a page or a character.


Golf, Appeals…the Judicial System continues


I’ve been away from golf–and the thing is I never really thought I would take to the sport. Obviously challenging and obviously time needs to be put into the game–much like the judicial system in California. I have yet to visit other state judicial systems; however, it could be in the plan. Writing about the judicial system isn’t difficult, especially if you have visited and re-visited it with people’s illegal surveillance participation. This has and is happening currently to me. I’ve been researching and have learned more about illegal surveillances–not to say that an illegal surveillance will be part of my screenplay, but the direct effect from it lends much to the creative side, the aspect of it. Up until Spring 2013, I hadn’t heard of Teas bands. Now I have. And for quite some time, I’ve had to fend off illegal surveillance teams reported to law and legal authorities. And I’m willing to talk about this nationally, globally if need be. It’s illegal. The teas bands put on me were deadly and lethal–and some still continue to try them, etc. Some of them almost killed me. So much time has been spent trying to protect myself, my economic situation, creative situation that the caliber of it is ridiculous. The good fortune I had, however, is relating and communicating with Chief Supreme Court Justices, Justices, and Judges in my own family built, ex-resident management, and parties who were/are bribed to curtail my life and livelihood. Treacherous as this is, it makes for no deterrence in creativity whether illegal surveillance is written about or not. I am a victim as are some other well noted creative artists by the same ex-judges who have been rejected/turned down by the court system even without the same judges. It’s got to stop. In fact, I write this in a local Starbucks in Roseville, California and I’ve got, lo-and-behold, illegal surveillance teams around me. Hmmmm….the buzzing of research, visits to the Sacramento Law Library, the security tightens and the appeals continue to brew.
Recently, an illegal thwart from an ex-governor, ex-employer, and social service agency have thickened the illegalism covering up for their illegality. What does a sport do for a person having been through and still going through one of the most horrific, iconic illegal surveillances? It does wonders. The challenge of the court system’s fraudulent staff, authority figures that are no more and continue to slip in despite a court demand and representative demand from Justices to leave is an interesting learning experience. People covering up only know their cover ups back fire. Funny thing is there’s no where for them to go and everywhere for me to go, and they know it. So they are just doing it, as the community knows and the justices/judges know.
The history behind judicial atrocity and illegal surveillance teams is incredible. I never knew what I’ve been going through ever existed. Film is a teacher. Writing is a teacher. A sport is a teacher. The judicial system is a teacher. It’s funny. With judicial and district bribery, those who participate in it and still do with my cases and economic life, for example EDD in California, as they are illegally covering up their employees’ wrongdoing and misconduct–my latest appeal. They lie about voice mail messages, having them, text, dates, etc. “Civil Bench Warrants” have been issued for their arrest and they still lie. Drugs, spousal payoffs, illegally making someone homeless, it’s interesting. This illegal surveillance I’ve experienced it responsible for impeaching ex-President Barak Obama, the ex-President coining “impeached” himself. He came to visit Roseville, CA–and I’ll tell you conversation was a-brewin. Not uncommon for some formula-films; but a stunner for this newbie. The good thing is the more a writer experiences, or a person who isn’t, perhaps, a writer the experience of getting tossed to the curb by family and parties in question, in my own legal court cases, helps what creates. Experience obviously can be key. I’ve got schools, courts, court staff, one of the most dysfunctional families probably in the history of families, so I have learned with their involvement with ex-resident management, etc. You never know where your story will lead or what you will write about. I never do. But some of these experiences no doubt help reflect on a character. Writing about sports can be challenging if you don’t frequent them much. Research helps but you’ve also had to experience, I think, the sport. The wonderous thing,too, about the judicial system is meeting, under this State and Federal revamping, some of the most tenacious and brave justices in American history: Chief Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Judge Sandra Day O’Connor, Justice Caroline Kennedy-Scholossberg, Judge/Justice Miriam Swartz-Savura (at the time). Some of these court justices/judges are local Sacramento practicing judges/justices. One is from the Supreme Court of Appeals in New York specializing in homelessness. They have watched this situation–and the local court system, especially a courthouse called The Santucci Courthouse. Judge Sandra Day O’Connor calls it the most devastating courthouse around. I call it the most ill-given, catastrophic monopoly of employed people who have conducted so much bribery, nepotism, and collection of Government Claim forms on certain judges, etc. I don’t even have a law degree and I tell you this negative experience I’m wanting to turn into a positive one. Who wouldn’t? Writing helps that. I’ve even had the threat of my hands being cut off. From guess who…all verified…ready…a former songwriter I admired who hurtfully harassed me to the hilt and relatives…bingo! who forged a photograph of my face with an illegal arrest, taking on the same cyberstalkive encounter as Melissa Etheridge. I was inspired by a song she wrote included in my first published poetry chapbook. Cutting off my hands? And she turns up illegal surveillance equipment first from her sound system and then via cell phone. It just about killed me. She tells me she did this to me because I’m a talented writer and she was/is jealous. I’m like…what? Nevertheless, it happened and she’s still illegally surveillancing me and the Los Angeles Police Department was glad I made the call to them to report what she’s been getting away with. You don’t want to know the rest. Teas bands have got to go with cell phones and computers.
I got long-winded. But I’ve been away from my blog and reviewing, assessing situations helps. It doesn’t mean I’ll write specifically about them, but like most of the people in this country we’re sick of invasions of privacy, and to find out because you are talented that some of these once thought professionals, at least for me, are doing what they are doing and to other people is astounding. Welcome to the judicial system. One that I hope starts changing for the better. I am one of the unfound chosen and the aforementioned judges, and, perhaps, more are letting these loose canon clerks and judges not get away with what they’re doing by firing them, etc. and discontinuing people’s careers because of what they’re doing and jailing them for it. I said once on a drive home from The Santucci Courthouse …”the beauty of the legal system.” I’ll say it again, in varigated words…I can’t ever be sued by anybody, if provided by me, no one else can. But the threats continue as the illegalism continues and the illegal appeals and the thwarting of money owed to me continues, and documents keep getting sent back from illegal bribes. And all I can say is keep truckin’…keep appealin’ and I don’t owe EDD’s most recent trend of cover up billing, false-digit bound. On the agenda, more golf. Oh…conspiracy thickens with a report to my storage facility insurance company. Ho-hum. Clubs are missing, a golf bag is missing, a huge bag of range balls are missing my father gave me. Okay…yep. I put a “Civil Bench Warrant” on the ex-employee. And a round of golf we go. So some of these illegal surveillance teams, I hope to see you at the range and/or on the course. I’d rather not, obviously.
But…confiscate. Onward. I still have respect for the law and the justices aboard helping me with my cases. Experience and sport. That’ll help along the judicial and corrupt social agency/private sector/family highway.

Also the latest: I fired ex-judge James Garbolino; and as I type this Viggo Mortensen, a former instructor who Judge Clarence Thomas verified, an ex-UCLA and Stanford Professor Caroline Leavitt,who I’m shocked to have found out sitting next to me in prosthetics, on foot and cyberstalking me, provided a gang electronic vapor cigarette in my eye with Viggo Mortensen. I can’t figure out why a former instructor would do this; but Judge Clarence Thomas and Judge Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg, as well as Judge Miriam Swartz-Savura say out of a jealous rage for her husband’s affairs with men that I knew about on my illegal surveillance, which I did hear about. Especially strange: Since yesterday evening, the Federal government declared my illegal surveillance just that–an illegal surveillance.Why would I care about someone’s personal affairs, especially, perhaps, with a once incredible instructor. Only they can tell me why–yet she just left to exit by me  the women’s restroom.  Anyways, some more unbelieveable experience with a library I have frequented since 1974. It helps to post the judges say to get them to stop doing what they are doing harmfully to me–making electronic nicotine enter my eyes and other’s eyes to thwart their own jealousy. I say, why? I’m not as successful as them. So why? My former instructor left. Turned right and walked out of Starbucks. So back to the library: Garbolino waits for me outside the library prior to firing him after Rendy, ex-Chief Daniel Han’s wife of the Roseville Police Department. She tries to force me to sign forms of falsified nature in which the same thing happened to another person victimized by Garbolino and The Roseville Public Library–illegal surveillance set ups with illegal evictions, illegal arrests, illegal homelessnesses. A good thing to find out about Garbolino. A tough thing to find out about a former instructor. But that’s what they said. I had to type this section over because they asked their cell phone and/or set them with asking it to electronically dispense of it as did James Garbolino with Rendy asking for the tech-dispensing of carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide I came in contact with and injested. I have a parent who still continuously threatens me with physical harm and electronics. There is a memo posted at the Santucci Courthouse about electronic cigarettes by ex-CEO Jake Chatters. Has anyone followed it insofar?   Judges Clarence Thomas and Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg verified, in prosthetics, it was Caroline Leavitt ONWARD!    🙂