Diagrams, whether linear or circular, play a big part–or can play an integrated part in developing characters perhaps in story lines. For example, I’ve been looking at synthesized circular diagrams that intersect and look like immediate confusion–at least they used to; but experimenting with them allows for me to analyze more a character’s personality, whereby the diagram-connections offer different levels of how, maybe, characters act and react to their situations. I used to fear these diagrams thinking they were only suitable for mathematics, but they are applicable to any writing, really, especially descriptive analogies and interpretations. Writing is about interpretation–and it’s intriguing to find how much creative writing configures into analytics without even trying to be analytical in an approach to fiction. Sustainability in characters is important; however, sustainability often changes–obviously with static characters. For me, usually one static character is enough. Flat, un-dynamic characters can, however, reveal a lot. Maybe they are the foils for the novel or genre? But they speak volumes. Static could mean linear, but linear things–objects are of different caliber-shape. Different lines. Different personalities without, however, being that technical or necessarily rooted in math–although math helps. I’ve been researching quite a bit on how mathematics relates to literature or writing and I’ve found quite a bit. Interesting the carryover from working it into a novel, per se, if someone did–and I’m discovering, too, science’s and math’s connections to literature; there’s a wealth of it, the online information. But, overall, for me, diagraming is a visual–a much needed way of thinking and converting mind-pictures into text, what one visualizes. I no longer fear viewing graphs, shapes, metrics, numbers in science–chemistry, for example. They are a base for writing and developing a draft. I guess I could say for future writing they could be the framework or backdrop for a future novel. Not so much in this novel I’ve been working on for some time, but another way of preparing for working with science and math in writing–even considering thought of this adapting into filmmaking theory in support of scenes, as I’ve considered a project for focusing on “scene” by way of utilizing science and math unconventionally/conventionally. I don’t know…we’ll see. Just some thoughts and ideas about adding to writing that I never thought I would consider, inasmuch as already working with nature–as much as I have.


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