Education and creativity…


I haven’t spent much time working with children/adolescents in plays, but in the second short play I’m currently working on a teenager–obviously not a child–challenges two women characters who happen to be family members. I have him roughly at the age of thirteen; and he is the most studious of the two. The character of the mother wants to be a writer. She is obsessed with another writer, and I’m working at pinning down more the reason for her obsession. I have the mother and the son living together with another family member, a grandmother, in which she seems, at this point, to be the most aggressive. It’s been fun working with the character of the son because he isn’t hesitant at challenging the grandmother when his mother and himself have to abruptly alter their living arrangement with no where to go. It’s not that difficult, I’m finding, looking at the male point of view–in some respects; yet, obviously, there’s needed research. Academics configure into this short play with both the mother and the son being educated and the son taking, however, education more seriously than the mother. What will be interesting is seeing what happens with where the mother and the son end up, where their individual plight takes them and where their individual journey takes them. The character of the grandmother may stay as she is, but I’m looking forward to seeing how much she actually changes learning from the grandson.


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