Sports and the judicial system…


Some of the films I’ve seen dealing with themes of corruption usually show legal offenses and less of what exactly happens to judges in the judiciary process. I’ve been researching for a screenplay I’m working on and trying to decide how to configure still the sport I want to work with–football, baseball, etc. I’m leaning mostly toward baseball; but that’s an easy one considering I grew up playing baseball–or softball myself for about ten years. Football seems challenging, but it may not be. Interesting are the ethics and immorality of a potential judicial system and how it functions from a system derived based on tradition that hardly adheres to that convention.

Greed is an old theme; but, yes, it still exists–and what, however, surprisingly still exists is bribery sustained yet uncomplicated but severely practiced. It’ll be interesting to see how characters are developed–some of them–based on how they look at the judicial system and how their daily lives involved in a passion that they like or love either becomes the focus or the corruption that they dislike in supporting what that passion becomes–and one that illustrates not just a criminal aspect but one that shows a judicial system that should never have existed. Hypocrisy, cover ups, pay offs, these are just a few formulaic themes but intertwined and/or synthesized may show another means or way of looking underneath the surface of criminality or corruption, whether metaphorically or not. I’ve been researching the history of the judicial system, the power, non-power, abuse of power of judges and supportive/ill-supportive staff, let’s just say, staff–the dovetailing of what a judicial system shouldn’t be and the many divergent atrocities that claim itself and put itself in its own discombobulated way.

It’s what’s underneath the surface of a judiciary system and a person’s passion for what they’ve set out to do with their lives–and their lives mean nothing to them once they have transitioned from what they like doing into a more criminally motivated or pre-meditative means. Characters like people are interesting; and to find out why a person turns to crime or a crime with or without respect for a legal system as a motivator for continuing the character’s passion for what they do might be discovered. A few of my characters are goal-oriented and are thriving in sports positions and others; and one, insofar, takes a U-turn and involves himself/herself, I haven’t yet decided the gender, into a judicial system which either takes him/her under or he/she overturns it. Fiction, yes. Research, truth. But the reality is passion, especially for something a character likes to do. I’ll see what continues to happen.


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