Sociopathics and landscape…


I’ve pretty much been curious about how land takes shape and the congruence of how gender fits into landscape; in other words, not so much a feministic approach to it, which wasn’t at all my intension–although land is subjectively fertile. And coming across characters, a male character in this sense, who is a successful lawyer and who moves back to a rural part of land where he grew up, is an interesting challenge even with researching land with psychosis. It’s not because he has to move back to the rural location he grew up in but because he has a controlling nature about him. He finds himself married, which he didn’t expect to be; and it turns out he finds the person he thought he would spend the rest of his life with is what he expects but he can’t deal with it. The character of the wife doesn’t change but he obviously does. The subtlety of sociopathism and a demented side to himself he can’t see but others can and eventually do, including her. This character is just one portion of the novel in that it’s allowing me to explore split personalities and where this character’s sense of self takes place. I didn’t really want to lean toward digging too much into a deeper neurosis with him, as the main character has a handle on most of the inner conflict she has with herself, but she doesn’t understand yet why she does what she does.
Onward! 🙂


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