Mapping a second poetry collection…history, architecture, time/space


Fall approaching–but not soon enough, just the thought of September rolling around the corner is thought enough. I’m looking forward to getting back into working on my second poetry collection in which I have several titles for: Disorderly Journeys, Nervous World, and Small Variables with some titles still in transition but will soon be more solidified with the themes I’m working on. I’ve got fourteen poems in development and four more with topics about white space, atlases, metaphorically, with the use of tattoos, history with Roosevelt/Roosevelt Square, and looking at the dichotomy of childhood-paradox. What’s interesting this time around isn’t so much of an introspection with this set of poetry–it is to a certain extent, but looking a bit more objectively at geography, history, and architecture and the way it configures objectively into the human condition, which, at times, obviously manifests itself subjectively. Landscape is always a favorite feature, but to look at objects intrinsically it’s one way of shaping to re-shape the obvious and not so obvious. What comes from architecture, buildings, and locations is either caricature, personality, and image–literally and figuratively in poetry–at least for the set I’m working on right now.
Onward. 🙂