Something about songwriting…


The one genre that centers me–and seems to bring me back into focus is poetry. About three years ago, I started thinking more about writing songs: lyrics. I don’t play an instrument; and I can’t sing. But I really like writing and music; so I started thinking about writing songs more seriously. And dabbled. I didn’t expect much to come from writing songs, but from the four poems that took a U-turn on me, one was accepted at a recording studio/music publishing company. I hadn’t written any songs before, so it was shot-in-the-dark. Interestingly enough, however, songwriting is like poetry. I need to work more on separating, though, structure, even in diverse poetry and just let the lyrics develop as they develop. The song that was accepted is called “What I Want to Say;” and although it needs to be re-mixed, it has some potential. Music is also key to inspiring me to write–whether it’s a novel, a play, drafting poetry, a screenplay, or simply under-painting and painting in whatever medium that I feel. Perhaps, music, itself, is what drove me to attempt to even want to write songs in the first place. Writing is essential; and what songwriting has taught me, in terms of being newly introduced to songwriting, is how very intimate and vulnerable it makes me feel, but, at the same time, it doesn’t make me vulnerable with focusing on what can be intimately fearful but positively necessary and imaginable. I’m looking forward to writing more songs and the drafting process of songwriting.


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