Some beginning thoughts on screenwriting…


In starting my first screenplay, I’ve notice that there’s not that much difference in writing a screenplay than playwriting–a bit of necessary script-structure entailing and mostly, however, formatting. There is a difference; yet what I’ve noticed more in screenwriting is the cohesiveness with storytelling and that the format is obviously different. Screenwriting, contextually, at this point, seems much easier, and when I read other people’s work and see the difference in texts, it’s obvious. Addressed format inscriptions are much more easily detectable in screenwriting. Writing a screenplay isn’t that challenging–contextualizing it, that is; playwriting, for me, it seems, has been more challenging, yet it’s getting much easier working in and out of the characters and sticking to what it is that makes them tick and the reasons for why they do what they do. The same is true for characters in a screenplay, at least a concern for me is their intent and/or their plan or motivation for doing what they are doing and trying to justify or not justify why they did what they did. It’s challenging–or can be, playwriting, and even screenwriting. At least, in my experience, the way I like working with “story” is with and within a subtext–and I have found this to be true in playwriting. So not only is organization key, to a certain extent, but the acceptance of being eccentric and the ability to configure it and not just synthesize it is important. What’s interesting is that I’ve learned that screenwriting is pretty easy; it just a matter of learning how to properly work with the format that’s needed. Parenthetical vs. general/story-like, conversational lines and/or descriptive lines used are more easily detected in screenwriting–and you feel, at least I do, like I’m already inside a comfortable shoe. Playwriting directions, stage directions, are not that difficult to follow, or, perhaps, write; it’s just a matter of practicing and revising until you get to where you want the play to go–of course, readings and workshops help.

For a first screenplay, I’m thinking of a character as sportswriter who commits a crime or is involved indirectly with a crime. I can’t decide yet if the main character with be female or male based; however, intriguingly enough is working toward, perhaps, drafting a female character for starters and seeing where it takes me and the additional characters. I’m starting to research for it–and I’m liking what I’m finding. I haven’t yet also decided on the type of sport I’m thinking of working with. I haven’t yet explored football but baseball seems
like a pretty good start. I’ll see what I find. Onward! 🙂


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