Benefits of short play readings…


I got the opportunity to attend short play readings a few evenings ago, and what continues to drive playwriting, and I’m sure for most playwrights, is the availability of listening to reading of writers’ plays–seeing and listening to the many different takes and perspectives on subjects/topics: the eccentricities of people’s work and the convention of non-formulated tradition. I had the opportunity to attend readings on ten-minute plays at Playwrights Collaborative at The California Stage Theatre in Sacramento, and it helped me see more the interest in cohesively managing ideas and themes, sub-textually, in those short plays–even though I also have an interest in full-length plays. Readings, whether rough or previously read-through, I can see the necessary needed development and I’m able to provide some insight on a scene’s, perhaps, projected pathway even though my perspective maybe more original than anticipated. A few plays from the four that were read, Gail Hensley’s “Mean Streak” and Matt Hanf’s “Paradigm Shift,” were plays meriting what’s provocative in the sense that there was in “Mean Streak” a mix of an eccentric-sitting of characters reminding me of a psyche-ward session that begged more of the story behind the eccentricity in that I wanted to learn more about the scene and the characters–a very humorous musical-chairs-type of occurrence that was fun and comical. “Paradigm Shift” showed a lot of promise in viewing relationships in a less than conventional but sustainable essence that made for me wanting to find out more about the relationship(s) and where it or they were headed.


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