Value in shortcomings…


A lot of re-shaping is taking place with a few scenes that I’m revising in a new full length play, and I’m re-focusing first on a relationship between a father and daughter–and the need to create more of an organic feel to the scene. The scene has become much more rich in terms of not really pitting music and art together but thematically interconnecting a father’s need to return to music, something he had abandoned up until later in life and the daughter’s need to find her place again in the world through art. Much of this I’m finding is based on characters’ introspections–their not recognizing the need for introspection; yet they find what they are looking for and need, more so, through introspection–something they never believed they were privy to. I’m also working on synthesizing a monologue that’s new for me in terms of the female character, the daughter finding a more solidifying place in the world again without worrying about what people think. It’s not a search in having the characters’ play off one another, for example music and art–although both are art; it’s about two people, insofar, finding their own paths yet recognizing the shortcomings they have and the value in those shortcoming and discovering inadvertently how they find their place in their world.


Animal imagery…


An interesting discovery I’m finding is the use of animal imagery in a scene
I am working on for a future, perhaps, full-length play. I’m not sure just
yet where I want the scene to fit into the play; nevertheless, I’m finding
it interesting and intriguing to consider the use of animal imagery
in terms of textual vs. contextual analysis configured with an always
challenging theme of divorce. In this scene is a couple who find it difficult
to talk about how they feel–not just with one another-but the reasons
why they do what they do, which ultimately leads them to a divorce.
A feline of all things seems to be a foil for the scene; and I’ll see,
however, where it takes me. The theme is now a curiosity for me, since
drawing on experiences seems a bit more challenging these days. I’m learning
that from wanting to synthesize the story of the affair–actually a segment of
it with the feline–can be done; yet the way I need to organize it
is taking shape–at least I think so. And the continuity of it, I feel, is
much better, and I’m thinking of providing a little more of the impact, of
course chaos happens from the beginning–perhaps, not toward the end. We’ll see what happens. But I’m excited about the progress and the shape that the scene is taking.
So onward! 🙂