Generality and intricacy…


One of the interesting things about intricacy, in general, is working with relationships in families, specifically father and daughter relationships–especially when both characters find something they have been wanting to do but never really had the nerve to exercise. I’ve noticed that the more that dig into characters’ inhibitions, the easier it is to work them; for example, I have a character, the father, who finds courage in music going back to his roots and wanting to appreciate life more with aesthetics; he finds life again artistically. The daughter discovers or, rather, appreciates her talent again through painting and sculpting. I’m working on the tension between these two characters and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they develop. Music, as a healant, provides the father with a way to deal with loss as well as discovery. Uniquely, however, art sustains the daughter in the sense that landscape doesn’t offer the escape as it normally would have for this character; landscape is an important feature, obviously, for this character and others; yet, art as provincial becomes a prolific measure not only in subtext but also with begging the question of what really speaks to the family dynamic.


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