Newspapers and articles. Features. An interesting thing that I’ve learned is working from the outside in with character, especially when working with non-binary personality. I didn’t initially think about elaborating on a character with sociopathic tendencies; but it happened. Of course, a character who leaves yet returns to a familiar landscape in rural Georgia. What’s provocative about this character’s dichotomous behavior is he doesn’t seem to pick up on traits of his own behavior, and it takes a while for him to admit what it is that he is attempting to understand within himself. He has a normal life. A wife–and he has a good job; but when he finds out that he is the cause of unsustainability it’s a challenge for him and the people he’s involved with. Landscape is pivotal for many of the characters in my novel–yet for this character there’s an absurd resistance that doesn’t make sense to people, otherwise known as the characters, or even himself.


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