Bits of rethinking…from ending to beginning


Funny, but I don’t think, as I’m discovering, that it’s never enough time for me to spend on character biographies; and I’m wondering also if starting from the ending of the novel and working my way up makes a difference in terms of time and chronicaling ideas in novels. It really would be interesting to see more diverse development from ending to beginning. All of my secondary characters have more of place or home, now; and the novel is morphing into what I think is working better contextually in terms of organization–yet this first novel has been the experience of additionally expanding more on general subtexting. I’ve been researching a lot with setting/environment and character displacement–getting the so-called goods on the direction that these characters should probably head towards. And geography, for me, helps make all difference in the world; so I’m finding. Maybe, in the future, starting from the ground up may mean from conclusion to beginning…just something for me to think about when I start the next novel.


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