Sculpture and color… developing character emotion


One of the most interesting things about researching art, specifically sculpture is finding out even more the value of using color–use of its nuances and technique. Not only has considering use of hue helped me with a specific scene in my play, tentatively titled La Inquisition de Arte, color and its reality encourages looking, perhaps, abstractly and visualizing distorted shapes in a creative, contextual way. I’m considering using different shapes as a visual way of working with characters’ emotions and how some of their decision making influences the way they work in their environment. I’ve noticed that use of characters and what they attempt to do with their lives can be seen with thinking and creating with color. I’ve narrowed it down to working with Spanish Impressionism; and I realized that part of technique during that time period reflects shadows that aren’t black; they are colored because “black” doesn’t variegate itself. Color as “pure white” is reflective of the sun, hence plein air. Also the good thing about researching this time period and looking specifically at statues and their diverse color-connotation helps me prepare more for my own progress in wanting to get back into painting.


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