Working toward different comedic styles with characters…


It’s with that fine line of setting up a bantering scene, noticing these two characters I’ve been working with in a scene where they have been duking it out with snarky and bilious manifestation, in which I’m noticing I’m only just scratching the surface with them–wondering if there’s enough comedy within that bantering that has me reworking a scene more times over. What I’m starting to think is that the bantering needs to stay, but as part of the underbelly for what I really need to have them be on page with one another, which can help if I work more vividly with more of their individual idiosyncrasies–looking, perhaps, more into the absurdities of their idiosyncrasies. I’ve been struggling a bit with this scene simply because I’ve noticed with both of these characters, when working more on drafting their biographies, that they are both eccentric, one, however, more than the other in a dry way minus the different levels that they both really need to be on. I need to aim more for strong absurdities that don’t so much parallel one another; and even though both character behavior sets may be absurd, the different levels of them can sustain better the bantering. Yet the absurdities need to be pitted with more bizarre countenance in one character where one character feels he/she has to win all the time; and the other character feels that he/she has to be the center of attention.


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