Comedy in Poetry


No better way to start off the New Year than with comedy. Today I attended a writers meeting encompassed with various genre perspectives: non-fiction/fiction/memoir/youth/screenwriting; but what lit up the room for me was about learning the many different comedy styles. I was familiar with some but I hadn’t yet pinpointed specifics sold to an inclusive genre, at least not with some of them. A lot of good tips, stories, and lessons. Discussions on generic vs. uncommon, stereotypes, absurd or exaggeration, dark or edgy, slapstick, dry, wordplay, observation, context, and parody lent themselves from the meeting for me to think about not just already working with them in my novel and play but also working with them, more specifically, in my poetry. So in drafting the next few poems, I’ll be working at comedic undertone. Sometimes comedy knows best.


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