Vintage soundtracks…


Two words. American Hustle. I don’t know…but this past week over Christmas had me watching it. And what I do know is I like movies with vintage soundtracks, one like this movie had with some saturated 50s, 60s, and 70s, probably since some of my favorite music is included in the movie. But what I also liked was the excellent philosophical dialogue narratives, which means some great screenwriting…important, however, almost at the same time you’re able to listen to a character’s reality universally, simultaneously there’s retrospect in their narratives that is just about as authentic as it gets. The nature of the times that the story dealt with, the creativity and reinvention with characters succeeding and not succeeding are just a few compelling features of the film. I thought. You get a look at many of their worlds. Up. Down. Back Again. Up. And the full circle that inevitably perpetuates characters’ life circumstances. The ending was just as good, too. These people (characters) created their own family dynamic–not just the undertones from it that are mostly loosely lit. But it’s music whose own story exceeds itself. Good music. Good story. And great performances from some favorite actors.


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