The gritty good…


I had the good fortune of movie day today. And convenient is a misty morning with early bird specials. Fall is finally here. Late. Somewhat a surprise. Frosty overtones. No rain. No slush from a heavier spray of white. But in an eagerness to look and learn more about the theme of family dynamics, the movie Out of the Furnace finally made its first day at a local theater; and I’d been wanting to see it for a couple months now. Not only because of wanting to look at another diverse way families cope with situations and life events but always encouraging are some favorite actors working together in the same movie. The gritty setting of the rustbelt and the tragic profiles of characters and how families deal with such loss not only shows a comparison, perhaps, to some other film-family portraits, but a compelling look into the every day need of wanting to see a goal materialize or even think about a goal materializing or just simply surviving and hanging on to sustaining a comfort zone. Cultures of violence and psychological foreplay aren’t just the fabric of that family’s culture (i.e., characters in the film) but a look into wondering how to deal with an immediate reality and characters’ reactions and actions of responding to what’s in front them and behind them–past vs future. I liked the film and the realistic look it took in showing two different cultures that bend and don’t bend. Lessons learned as they, or even we, walk or race whatever the path… That sometimes life is just what it is. Sometimes with an understanding of that next direction and sometimes not. I’m looking forward to seeing another perspective of family dynamics in August: Osage County based on Tracy Letts’ play.


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