Exploring characters anew…


For my next playwright class, I’m working on three distinct ideas and having two of the same characters involved within these three separate ideas; and what a great way to see how
these two characters reveal their true colors–being as polar opposite as they can be–along with sustaining conflict between them within these separate ideas. This is a great exercise from my playwright class this week in which this weekend has me also exploring and drafting one page biographies on each of them in as much detail as possible. The biography part is similar to what I worked on in drafting my novel, to a certain extent, with profiling attributes for each character. But the difference I’m noticing here is ensuring and keeping that conflict between the characters happening, not that you wouldn’t in a novel with certain characters; but to see a play live makes all the difference in the world. This list is some of the biographical criteria I’m considering for my two characters.

–What do the characters look like?
–What are their backgrounds?
–What emotional/psychological issue does each character have?
–Characters’ wants/needs/desires?
–Characters’ fears/phobias/addictions/habits?
–Characters’ strengths and weaknesses?
–Are the characters smart/shrewd/clever/devious/charming/funny/ethical/pragmatic/
pathetic, etc.?
–What’s significant about the characters? Are they trying to get something from one another?
–What’s the motivating assumption of each character?
–What are their favorite foods, etc.


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