Discovery and objectivity with characters…


Fall finds me organizing chapters, solidifying them more (up to the beginning of Chapter 17) and seeing more progress and headway for what the story is turning out to be in my novel. I’m working on more traveling cohesion and transitioning between chapters and connecting better the development of two friends in the story. I’m liking the development of each major section, that I’m discovering as the novel becomes much more rich with two friends who don’t necessarily compare their lives and where they are at the moment but how their lives become more full circle as they attempt to make sense of each other and themselves. Right now, it’s more of an objective standpoint between the two characters and the middle-to-end section, which is where I’m at in terms of drafting. I’ll see if the characters or one of them reflects on where they have come and gone. As part of the writing process, I’m liking the characters more and the development over time with revisions. So for now, I’m going to let some objectivity play more of a part until I’m a little more close to the finish line.


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