Novel in Progress…


I decided to write my first novel in third person; and in doing so, it feels like I have some more options, more of a vantage point than if I had written it in first person. I’m not aiming for a memoir at the moment, but an opportunity to explore more the characters and why their choices and decisions weigh so heavily on their future. After all, it’s just a choice–just a decision–for that particular moment. I was talking to someone a few weeks ago who reminded me over dinner that choices and decisions made at the time were just for that particular moment, that the choice, whether good/bad, was just a choice for that time. And I’m thinking…hmmm…Time being in the past? So it made me think. And think. It got me thinking about forming part of my novel’s synopsis… begging the question of what my main character faces: What does it mean to not be regretful of the past; and what does it mean to be regretful of the past. Still exploring…


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